Greater By Nigela

Nigela is currently residing in the vivacious and exciting republic of Trinidad and Tobago, hails from the Award-winning honeymoon destination island of St. Lucia. 

Discovering her talent as a teenager, she was always engaged in organizing singing-groups and writing songs and poetry for friends. She often visited church services with her family, but it was not until a remarkable encounter , that Nigela had a personal relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ. 

‘Greater’ was given to me by God, in the midst of turmoil and much anxiety. It became a song of declaration unto me,
first of all, as His word is embedded in the lyrics.
‘Greater’ allows me to sing Romans 8:28&31, Job 8:7 and Psalm 121 over my life.

God had told me that this song was not just for me and walking in obedience to His voice.

Greater was released February 2019

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