Yanga Ija By Pro Gain

Passionate in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and yet a go-getter Artist, Pro Gain was born and raised in the warm heart of Africa, Malawi; he has always had a great passion for Music, to be more specific Hip-Hop. He draws his inspiration from his experiences in life, hence his lyrical content is filled with such in relation to the bible with the hope that someone may relate to him and ultimately come to know Jesus. 

Pro Gain strives to bring to the World the side of God which most “Church Folks” do not touch on, he brings the “Cool” side of God as opposed to the “fierce”, of course bearing in mind that he hates sin but loves sinners and wants them to come to him.

“Yanga ija” by “Pro Gain”, Produced by Brothers Keepers Entertainment, is one of the singles from his upcoming album. 

This song is a House vibe, which has a mix of Chichewa and a little bit of English language to it and definitely sweep your feet away.

Yanga ija was released 29th November 2019

You can download it here…