Panoramic By April Shipton

27 year old Christian singer/songwriter April Shipton has announced the release date of her first 12 track album, following a very successful year for the Malvern artist.

Last week, she performed for the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Hereford Courtyard, and in September her song Journey On played on Radio 2. She has been voted in the UK Independent Christian Charts twice (Journey On, #9 in 2018, Chapters, #7 in 2019), and her faith-inspired music plays on national Christian radio stations UCB1 and UCB2, among several others.

April told us, “The journey of creating Panoramic has been surreal and amazing. It includes writing from gorgeous Christian artist Philippa Hanna, as well as experienced songwriters Andy Baker, Dave Wheeler and Matt JR Hurley. What I find amazing is that despite all these different writers and concepts, one clear theme emerged throughout the songs; this idea of overcoming mountains. That’s something I have been through in my own life and am passionate about sharing. The whole project feels so blessed.”

After experiencing healing from mental health illness, April hopes her music will encourage people along their own individual journeys of life and faith; assuring them that whatever mountain they face, there is always hope to reach the other side.

The album Panoramic was released 15th November 2019 ,

for £12 + p&p, from April’s website here:

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