Conqueror By Psalm Ebube

Multi award-winning Nigerian Gospel music Minister , singer, songwriter, Psalm Ebube presents his New Worship Song titled “Conqueror (Ajagunsegun)

Gospel music sensation Eben delivers a brand new hit titled ‘ Asegun (Conqueror) a song from his double album “Revealing Jesus Vol.2

The lord strong and Mighty in battle . 

Ajagun-Segun  He never lost a battle to anyone. What’s that thingy you’re going through …. Just be in the right place with God .Then all you’ll do is watch. This Egyptians you see today …you shall see them NO MORE. (Conqueror)

The Son of the Highest has strength to fight the battle for us, “through Him that loved us” we may come off “more than conquerors.” We walk where Christ leads the way; He has power to dispel the dark shadows which Satan casts across our path, in place of darkness & discouragement, the sunlight of His glory shines into our hearts.  

You are royalty of the mighty empire of Haven!

Conquerors was released October 2019

You can download it here…