It Will End Well By F4C

Recording artiste, singer, songwriter, music director, winner, Unwrap- Season 1 and international award nominee, F4C, who’s becoming an undeniable force, in his right, in the Gospel/Inspirational music scene, after the success of two amazing tunes, “I Am” and “Oba” (in which he featured the quintessential Gospel powerhouse, Gina Pat), earlier this year, which both have received overwhelming testimonies, feedback and airplay, is back, with yet another powerful, heartfelt and empowering tune, “It Will End Well”, to commemorate his 25th birthday.

In His own words, this song is his testimony, through all the grave hurdles, pain and turmoils the unique, passionate and soulful singer has been seen and overcome, in the 25 years of life, he has seen and experienced.

The song was written by him, born from a place of hope, pain, but deeply rooted and unwavering faith, despite it all.

F4C’s prayer is that this soulful piece will travel across the earth, and touch the soul of as many as need the virtue, the song professes. 

He is also popularly reputed for effortless ability to write about anything, passionately, highly skillfully and in such a way that it leaves a lingering effect, as is evidently shown in His songwriting, in this song, and all his others. 

He lives to inspire people, through the lessons he has learnt in life, and therefore tags himself a life enthusiast!

It Will End Well was produced by the amazing, anointed, diligent and extremely skillful producer and keyboardist, E’Keys, in whose words said, ” since I finished the work, I couldn’t stop listening to it, which is unusual, because I produced it”.

It Will End Well was released 16th October 2019

You can download his new single here…