Faith In The Fire By Pogis

Pogis (Power Of God is supreme) is the English meaning of Ikechukwuka which is the first name of this 24 year old rapper, born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

Growing up, music became part of everything. It was not too long before hip hop became his favorite genre but there were not many rappers in Nigeria so inspiration came from a lot of American rappers. By the age of 12, he started writing and got a nick name “Mc iyke”. So through out secondary school this name stuck.

Pogis struggled with academics but was blessed to still come to London in 2014 for university although he had been visiting as a kid, this time he was coming to stay and living alone for the first time. This was hard for him and things went extremely bad in the first year, rolling with the wrong crowd, it ended with him being arrested and then investigated by police for something he didn’t do. That experience pushed him to get more understanding about Christianity even though he grew up in a Christian home.

As he grew in understanding, he saw it was a lifestyle and that included the music he listened to. Christian rap was something he never heard of and he was scared he might have to give up hip hop until he asked God and sort out rappers who were Christians and God showed him Lecrae and the 116 crew, from there he discovered so many dope gospel rappers and the purpose for the gift became clear.

Faith In The Fire is about having faith even in the worst situation and he got inspired by Meshack, Shedrach and Abednego when they got thrown into the fire and see what having faith did for literally in the fire. Daniel also with his relentless faith even in the lion’s den was an inspiration for the song.

Faith In The Fire was released 3rd September 2019

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