Love Lifted Me Hymns of a Prodigal By Courtney McCook

Courtney Carlington McCook born January 13, 1977. Courtney grew up in kitson Town a small rural district in St Catherine Jamaica.

 His earliest influence in music was listening to a gospel quartet in which his mother sang. They would rehearse at his home sometimes, and he would also travel with them when they ministered at other churches. It impacted him so greatly that he and his two siblings formed their own group, so at age seven he was preforming at gospel concerts and events in and around his community.

        In his teenage years his journey in life took somewhat of a detour when he walked away from what he had learnt and believed growing up in the Adventist church. So instead of regards for even the Sabbath he was often at studio every Saturday hanging with persons who started to influence his thoughts and actions in a negative way.  His mind was made up to make it big in the secular world but god had other plans for his life.

        In 2004 he gave up secular recording and recommitted his life to Christ and has been using his god given talent only for the glory of God since. He has ministered at churches and events across Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Canada. He has also been a part of several singing groups, Maranauta music ministry a Trench town based group; Choral Scholars (a group put together by Andrew Marshall to perform Choral arrangements)and a few other groups in the Cayman Islands.  

He says he wants to let young people know that the Devil uses the things of this world to illude us, the Devil wants to take our focus from Christ who is the whole reason for our existence, to him all honor and praise is due.He says he can also testify of Christ’s benevolence towards him and this is echoed in his music.  And to those listening his songs “My struggles in life I don’t believe are unique to me only so be encouraged as I am encouraged in Christ”.

Love Lifted Me Hymns of a Prodigal was released July 2019

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