Interview With Iva Foster Pace

I had the privilege in interviewing Iva from the USA. To find out a little more about her, check it out below..

Hello Iva. Thank you for your time in doing this chat interview with me.

Q: I would like to start by asking, could you tell us who you are, where your from and what you do?

A: I am Iva Foster Pace. I am a gospel recording artist also motivational speaker. I was born and raised in Palestine Texas. I now reside in Clarksville Tennessee . What I do is encourage and motivate others. I give hope by sharing my life experiences as well as spreading the love of Christ through my songs or messages.

Q: How old was you when you gave your heart to Christ?

A: Wow well, I grew up in a Christian home. My father was a Pastor and we were Pentecostal. One of the things I can appreciate my mother for is the prayer she prayed over me and my 7 siblings. She prayed that we would find the “ The Real Jesus” and give our lives to Him. She said she knew that the day would come where Christianity would be watered down and everyone would be proclaiming Christ without being changed or having a true relationship with Christ. I didn’t quite understand it then but I do now. I’ve never had the desire to play “ church” or even associate myself with people who did. I gave my heart to Christ at the age of 24 or 25 believe. The best choice I’ve made in life thus far.

Q: That is amazing.
Who or what inspired you to be a Gospel Artist?

A: I remember growing up in the church. My mother was the musician and my siblings and I were the choir! Some of them didn’t like it so much but I loved it! I would have to say my grandfather who we call Pawpaw ( who has gone to be with Lord a year ago). He always told me that I had something special and that I would go around the world singing. At the tender age of 5, I was crazy enough to believe him I always kept what he said in my heart even when my life seemed to be all out of sorts. I later learned that music was like medicine to the soul and I had a passion to bring healing and hope to people through my songs.

Q: I find music very helpful and healing to my own mental health myself.
Is there a artist that has been inspiring or helpful to you?

A: Growing up I was in love with Vanessa Bell Armstrong. I loved her vocals, as I grew older I enjoyed the sounds of Shirley Caesar, Tamela Mann, Martha Munizzi, the list goes on! I am easily inspired by different artists if I can relate to their message.

Q: Those are some great artists.
Do you have a singles or albums yet?

A: Yes I released my first 10 song cd in 2015. I’m currently working on my 2nd project and I currently have two singles released from my 2nd project.

Q: That great.
Can you tell us about your first project, what was your message behind your album?

Wow! It was nothing but the hand of God that allowed me to do my first project. There is saying that people in the church would say “ Be Ye also ready” meaning you never know when God will open the door for you so always be prepared. I have been writing songs for years . I never told anyone but I’m reminded of Mary in the Bible, how she pondered the promise that God made to her in her heart. I always kept the prophesy of my pawpaw in my heart although I didn’t know how it was going to come to past. One day I met a God send, whom I’ll have to talk about later, but God opened the door while I was in one of my valley experiences . The next thing you know I was in the studio working on my first album. God allowed me to see His hand in a mighty way. At that moment I knew that God was with me and He equipped me to spread the Gospel in my own unique way. My songs are basically my testimony that I’ve learned are so many others as well. If you want to get to know Iva, listen to my songs. They tell of my journey. The message behind my 1st album is God’s Love for us despite whatever state we’re in. He never leaves us. He’s always there. There was a time I strayed away and His grace, His Love, drew me back to Him. My songs bring deliverance as well as healing. If you are going through something, you can listen to my songs and be assured that you will come out with the victory!

Q:That is amazing. I myself will be checking out your album.
You spoke of being a motivational speaker, is there a topic you passionate about talking about or do you talk about a bit of everything?

A: Awww thank you so much. Yes I talk about a bit of everything. God is limitless so I’ve adopted that same mindset. There are no boundaries because I flow in the anointing. That is the only thing that will break yokes so I’ve spoke at Women’s Conferences and Special services. I speak to the youth. I’m also equipped to speak to the heart of our men. I’m waiting for God to open that door as well. The world is hurting. People have been hurt in the church. I was also hurt in the church in a very devastating way. God has given me the wisdom to reach those people as well. We are helpers one to another. I’m just a willing vessel who told the Lord if you need somebody, send me. I’ll go…

Q: I really like your attitude to it.
You said before that your Pawpaw (Grandfather) saw something saw something special in you, and that you will go around the world, has travelling been apart of your life, giving the gospel?

A: Actually this particular journey has just begun for me about 4 years and I am so overjoyed by this! I’ve spent so many years in local church settings. Always operating within the four walls in my local communities. God interrupted that big time! Back in 2011, I relocated to a place that took me clear out of my comfort zone, but this is where God met me and caused me to get out and Go! I’ve been traveling ever since. My first international experience was this past April and again I will be heading to London next month. I am blown away by the promises of God. I encourage everyone to hold on to the promises of God. I was a kid when I received this prophesy and was reminded of it throughout the years by my pawpaw and later by other Men and Women of God who I would cross paths with. My manifestation season is here and I’m so grateful and humbled.

Q: Amen.
Yes your coming to London next month. This is exciting.
Do you have any other plans, for rest of this year that we should watch out for?

A: I am working hard to complete my 2nd CD . Our goal is for it to be ready by the first of the year. Most of my time will be spent in the studio for the remainder of the year. We will be launching a CD Release party. Our first one was a huge success.

Q: That is great I look forward to hearing it.
What would you say is your favorite bible verse you have at this time?

A: My favorite verse is Romans 8:28.

Q: Thank you.
For those who like to get to know you more and connect with you, how can they do this?

A: I am available on some of the social media platforms. Follow me on Instagram @Ivafostermusic, Twitter@IvaFosterMusic, and Facebook Fanpage @Iva Foster Pace Fanpage. My website is

Q: That great thank you.
To finish I always ask, can you tell us something unque about yourself, this could be as simple as something you like or dislike?

Well I am one of the most funniest people you could ever meet. People’s assumptions of me are always off Lol I appear to be super serious until you get to know me. I am a very transparent person.

I love that. Good to have a good sence of humor.
Thank you Iva for your time and I look forward to meeting you next month God willing.