Supplier By Dj Holoskey (Ft. Riah x George Bosso)

DJ Holoskey, after a long break from the music scene, focusing on his on-air presenting, is back with the much anticipated Afro-Pop hit, titled “Supplier”. He, features two top rising acts in this project. Riah, who is an amazing singer, songwriter, certified thespian and shoebaker. And George Bosso, who is a skillful music producer, rapper, singer and the winner of the recently concluded Stage competition, of Summit Bible church.

The song is a perfect blend of powerful, reassuring and founded scriptural lyrics, the fire, passion, and lyrical blast of George Bosso, and the beautiful, soulful and piercing vocals of Riah! 

It’s a beautiful jam that feeds the believer with reassurance of God’s never ending supply of all his/her needs, and that He can always be depended on, in times of need and even beyond!

You can’t listen to this hit, and not do two things… Groove and be lifted in your spirit!

Supplier was released 7th September 2019

Download your copy on this link…