Better Me By Kros-Ohver

Kros-ohver is a Nigerian Christian rapper with a fire brand passion for the kingdom of Yahweh.

A lot of Christian rappers have turned to secular and many secular rappers have turned  Christian to the glory of God. Hallelujah! 

Kros-ohver started his music career as a secular rapper until he realized that talents are meant for God’s glory and for the edification of body of Christ. His first song “BLESS THE LORD” was released in 2018; the song never cease to enjoy airplay on both local and international radio stations.

Kros-ohver recently released a life changing  new Single Titled: “BETTER ME”. This song is very unique, with a touch of excellence and its message is  mind blowing. We can only get better when we allow God to use us for His glory. “Satan will always have something to say, but Jesus is the final say”.

When people don’t understand what you have become, they will keep trying to resurrect your past.

Better Me was released September 2019

You can download it here…