Don’t Worry And Don’t Fret By Bradda Biggs

Alando Williams is a talented reggae gospel artist with a profound love for the glorification of God’s name through his amazing deejaying talent.

Alando was born on 16th November to a lovely family in the parish of  St Elizabeth Jamaica W.I. His love for music began at a very tender age while growing up with his parents. It all began with him listening to songs on his dad’s small sound system. However, out of all music categories, he fell in love with the fantastic sound of reggae and dance hall music at the age of ten.

Listening to the lyrics of those songs makes him happy like winning a lottery ticket. His genuine love for the music inspired him to start taking steps towards singing. He started imitating reggae and dancehall stars with the hope of becoming a famous secular superstar someday.

Nevertheless, things turned around when Jesus found him and the man who once wanted to be a famous secular superstar ended up as gospel hardcore reggae and dancehall star with fantastic love for Christ, his savior. He is unique among several artists due to his clean and righteous music positive vibes.

He began to look up to reputable artists such as Wayne Stoddart, Dj Nicholas, Prodigal Son, Goddy Goddy, Lt Stitchie, Judith Gayle, Carlene Davis, Sister Sasha, and lots more.

With passion and diligence in his musical career, he got the stage name, Bradda Biggs. However, like every Christian, he had to suffer the shame before enjoying fame. This is because people love and embrace the world but despise Christ and the salvation He has to offer.

People hardly give him the required attention whenever he mentions to them that he is a gospel artist especially those people who share the belief that gospel artist can never make it to the hall of fame and wealth.

Like every other gospel artists, he had to fight his way to acceptance by proving the world wrong through his music and the grace of God upon his life. His musical career is experiencing an uplift, and he will be launching his first EP album May 25th 2019.

The Florida based gospel artist is doing well working on several projects and hopes to take his career to a greater height through collaboration with reputable gospel reggae artist to produce soul-edifying songs to the glory of God and the shame of the devil.

“O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.” This scriptural verse has uplifted Alando over the years.

With the desire to spread the good news of Jesus all over the world, the married man has been using his musical talents passionately to minister to people of different age and race.

He does not only entertain them but also educate, motivate and inspire people especially the young ones never to lose faith in God regardless of their situation.

He hopes other artists would do the same because it is one of the best ways of making the world a better place.

Don’t Worry And Don’t Fret was released August 2019

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