Uinuliwe By Jeanne Ngembe

Jeanne Ngembe. I am a gospel musician that lived in Australia. I received the gift of singing in the year 2000 and since then I’ve been writing music. As for work, I am a nurse at a hospital. I also have a passion for cooking. I’m also married and have 3 kids. 

The song is about the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ. It talks about how they took Jesus Christ to Pilate and the Lord who was innocent was condemned and Barabbas was forgiven. In the first verse of the song I’m singing about how Jesus Christ left his throne to come to earth and he became a carpenter and how they pierced Jesus’s hands on the cross and put a crown of thrones on his head. And before Jesus Christ died he said “it is finished”. Which means our problem finished and he carried all our situations on the Christ

Second verse talks about the victory after Jesus died. When the vail was broken and the dead resurrected, and how Jesus went to hell and snatched the key of life and death from Satan and he gave it to the church. And he said “everything the we are going to bind on this earth will be bound in heaven”. 

Meaning of the chorus is basically saying “we lift your name higher”. 

Uinuliwe was released 25th July 2019