Sit Down Next To Me By Bob David Bell

Bob started out writing songs in his teens, messing about with recordings on an old tape deck with a stereo mike in the living room, which was taped to a golf club and stuck in a traffic cone! “ My parents found this very amusing” says Bob.

Performance wise, Bob sang at a few weddings of friends and then went on to sing tenor in a local gospel choir and did a few solos pieces with the choir also…”this was great vocal training and was lots of fun, but I wanted to concentrate on developing my own songs…” With a fresh focus and some encouragement, Bob went into the studio and did some rough demos and thus his musical journey began, playing in the local music scene and getting some recognition. Bob majors on tight guitar work, smooth vocals and melodies that you can’t get out your head. With a mixture of acoustic blues, folk and pop, he delivers songs about friendship, loss, faith, good times, love and red shoes! 
Bob listens to: Jonny Cash, James Taylor, U2, The Silencers, Louis Armstrong, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Keane, Joni Mitchell, The killers, Sting…etc 

Bob is married to Brenda, with two girls, Chloe 14 and Ruth 11. 

A word from Bob: ”Sit down next to me” is the result of honing my craft over the years and feel I’m getting better all the time, although there’s much to learn. I get a real buzz from performing and love to see the listeners tuning in. A big part of my music is leading worship in my local church and it was only a matter of time before trying my hand at writing worship songs to be sung in church or for personal reflection. A collection of these early worship songs became the album EVERYTHING. 

Sit Down Next To Me was released 2009

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