Interview With Tenacious

On Thursday the 1st of August 2019 I manged to have a interview chat with the amazing Tenacious. Check it out below…

Q: Hello Tenacious. Thank you so much for your time.
For those who don’t know you, who are you and where are you from?

A: Hi Ruthie. Thank you for having me on this beautiful platform too. Well my names are Timothy Chola Chibwe, I am a Christian Hiphop/ RnB Artist from Zambia, a country located in southern Africa. Apart from just Hiphop, I at times play with afropop as well.

Q: Awesome, how long have you been an artist for?

A: Since I was born. kidding.. Well for about a good 8 years now.

Q: Did you come out singing? (Haha). Was you born into a christian family?

A: I like to think I came out rapping. (Hahaha), And yes yes, let me just say a Christian family that just needed more of the word and life in the spirit by then.

Q: Was you in a church choir?

A: Unfortunately no (Haha), a lot of people use to think and still think so…back in the days I could barely sing in front of people, my knees would have fellowship (haha) but I was quite a dancer when it came to children and youth group presentations. It was not until high school where I joined a fellowship called Scripture Union and one day there was nobody to lead praise and worship (haha) .. A friend spotted me and said “Give us a worship song” (haha) I was a bit puzzled because I ain’t never told anyone I could sing… I cleared my throat, and began singing. I noticed people saying “wow” And inside me I was like these people will make my knees have fellowship (hahaha)…. Well after the service I was asked to join the praise n worship team. And it’s been like that, just school and college praise Teams no church choir.

Q:Your voice is unique I really love it. Was you shy as a child?

A: Thanks Ruthie, believe me as a kid I was shy (hahaha) I could barely stay in a place where there were lots of people. I was mainly indoors most of the time.

Q: I know the feeling well. I was shy myself. How did you overcome it?

A: Yeah it’s not easy… I began hanging out with friends that made me feel so comfortable and loved most of the stuff that I did, which was soccer, gaming and Hiphop dancing, at least that got us together.

Q: How many singles/albums have you released?

A: have about 8 singles plus a lot of songs in studio that I have plans for (haha). An album might just come a year from now by God’s grace.

Q: Amen. Do you have any plans to tour with your music?

A: Well it’s something that I usually pray about and it would be an honor to do so, but God’s time is the best, when a way is made, definitely tours will go on, (hehehe) and I mean non stop (hahaha) because people need to hear the word of God and be enlightened.

Q: Amen. If you collaborate with anyone who would it be?

A: Honestly, I am a huge fan of Marcus Grey “Flame” His music Just sweeps me away and that would be a good dream come true, a collaboration with him “yes!!”..apart from him,well anybody all over the world that value God above all things would be exciting, reason being music helps us meet new people and friends too..

Q: Apart from music is there anything you are passionate about that you do or want to do?

A: I gotta say I have a heart for the sick, not only those sick in spirit but in the physical body as well, I am a qualified health practitioner working with both the young and old ensuring they recover from any illnesses they have, most importantly I place God first in my working field, because sometimes medication is not the solution but just dedication to God who is the healer of any diseases sorts out everything. Well apart from music, My job, I think I would want to set up an orphanage one day, to help kids out.

Q: Aww that is lovely idea. When you write music, does your music come from past experiences or just what comes to you?

A: Music… It’s beautiful…. Most of the times it Just comes to me when I least expect, for example two weeks ago I was sleeping and God just showed me a Muslim brother composing a Christian worship song, I woke up and quickly got my phone and recorded a voice note of the chorus.. (Lol) times too I get to share my experiences as well through music. A perfect example is from two of my singles “stay Strong” And “One More Shot”, they get to explain the life I have been through and also the kind of people I have met.

Q: Wow. I love that. I love song you released this year called Mumani Sunga? Can you tell us a little about it?

A: Aww thanks!! Well Mumani Sunga means “You keep me”, it’s a beautiful song featuring my long time Talented RnB artist and brother man “That Boy Massin”. The song talks God’s grace, love, favor and His never ending love despite the hard times we face during our stay here on earth. It’s a song that began with massin and I in studio on a day right before leaving for another city. Massin was like “bro you ain’t leaving until we do a song together” And I recall both of us having so much energy that day, so we told the producer “D Jonz ” To drop a beat, and finally massin and I just felt the beat he dropped and we was like “this is the one!!!!!!!!! ” (Hahahaha) we quickly came up with a concept and went through the hook, did a couple of tries until we finally had “Mumani Sunga”… It was actually a one day song recording because the next morning I rushed to the studio and we dropped our bars on the beat. It’s had a very good response from people that have heard it, especially due to the fact that it’s an easy sing along song for every one.

Q: Yeah it’s a catchy song And well received. I am looking forward to more music from you. If people want to connect with you how can they do so?

Thanks, well for Facebook and Instagram it’s Tenacious Tj Junior, on Twitter it’s Tenacioustj00 and they are free to like my page on Facebook as well “Tenacious Tj Zambia”.

Q: Awesome thank you. Now I always finish by asking could you tell us something unique about yourself that no one knows? This could be as simple as something you like or something you dislike.

(Hahaha) ok wow… I love cooking, there is just something about food that draws me to it. (haha)

(Haha) you surprised me there.. you will have to visit me and cook for me (haha.)
Thank you for your time. Looking forward to seeing where God leads you next and what new music comes your way.
God bless you.

Thank you once more for having me,it’s be a great honor to be given this Privilege and I pray God continues to expand your field of work and more grace upon you. When new music drops, you will be among the very first to have it. Stay blessed, thank you.

To check out about Mumani Sunga and download your copy, check the link below…