Interview With Kay Morris

Had a lovely Interview chat with the lovely Kay Morris on Tuesday 23rd July 2019, check it out below.

Hello Kay Morris. Thank you for your time out of your busy day for this interview.
Q: For people who do not know you, can you tell us who you are, what you do and where your from?

A: Hello Sis Ruthie many thanks for the interview. I am a Jamaican by birth living in Toronto Canada. Thanks for asking. I wear many different hats but in a nutshell I am a global humanitarian, multi award winning International reggae gospel Hall Of Famer, ordained Reverend, Benevolent Queen, Mentor and Evangalist. I am President of the Kay Morris Foundation.

Q: Wow president of Kay Morris Foundation, that is Interesting to have a foundation named after you.. can you tell us a little about this foundation?

A: Yes indeed in 2003 my music preceded me to Ghana and Nigeria and so I was moved by what I saw when I visited the impoverished areas Mothers and their Children needed medicines at the time HIV/AIDS was ravishing sub Saharan Africa; I was moved by the plight of the people and upon returning to Toronto I started KMF. Since that time we have spread our wings across The Continent donating various supplies and humanitarian aid to orphans, street children, elementary schools, clinics, etc.

In 2006 Through KMF I brokered $1.5million in Anti retro virals ARV’s drugs for people living with aids, we also advocate towards malaria prevention for pregnant women and their unborn children and have partnered with the UNHCR Ghana in providing medicines to 45,000 Liberian Refugees at the Buduburam camp. It has become a global movement as we respond to the various needs around the world.

Q: That is such an amazing thing to start and big testimony. If a person likes to help or be Involved in this foundation how can they go about it?

Well there are many ways they can get involved if they would like to donate in support of our causes then they can log onto our website from anywhere around the world and click on the donate button. Sometimes we do have individuals in various territories who have connections to agencies/organizations where we can get support of solicit for donated items so that we welcome and all they would need to do is to connect with us via email so we can verify that they are credible source etc. In terms of volunteering that can be accomplished if and when we are in their demographic location carrying out our work/initiatives, because we are based in Canada all of our missions are planned and subsequently carried out from here.

Q: Thank you.. wow I definitely myself going to check it out.
With your music, how long have you being Gospel artist?

A: Thank you. Well it can be sort of a long story but I will tell you in a synopsis. I have been singing in the Church since the tender age of 4 so it’s more than 50 years I am a PK (Pastors Kid) I was raised by two Pentecostal minister parents in Jamaica and so from a very early age my mom discovered that I could sing. My parents would take me to conventions and crusades and I would sing before thousands of people; however, at that age I had a bit of stage fright but over time as I grew and matured God allowed me to get over it. Growing up and singing up to my teenage years I started a little group in Jamaica called the Regenerated Singers we traveled singing all over the Island but for me there was a missing component although I got Baptized age 12, I recognized that I didn’t have a serious relationship with Christ I was merely playing church. I was singing with a pretty voice but The Anointing was missing. Approximately 25 years ago when I came to a place of brokenness I said Lord more of you and less of me that is when I really encountered a true relationship with Jesus Christ. I started praying and seeking Him more and that is when true ministry was birthed since then I have not looked back. I started the group Kay Morris and The Jewels in Toronto approximately 25 years ago that’s when I started serious ministry.

Q: That is lovely. With your sound do you only sing reggae or other styles too?

A: Prior to my ministry transformation I was only singing traditional Gospel songs and hymns but after one night in 1993 I had a vision where I was singing two reggae songs in the vision I saw some T Shirts with the name Kay Morris and The Jewels written on them I woke up and the songs were ringing in my head I started to write them and recorded them on my tape recorder; I prayed and sought God to help me understand the vision and He told me to take the music change the message and use it as a vehicle to win souls. It was out of this vision my group was formed and the reggae gospel movement started in Canada I took a lot of flack for doing this style of music in the Church but I stuck to the vision and this is what God has done through my obedience. I just released a new song ABBA Oh which is more geared towards Worship it has a lot of African beats but yes I would say that I am a very versatile gospel minister.

Q: I love your new single and I will touch on that in a moment.
How many singles/albums have you to your name?

A: Thanks very much well I have recorded 4 albums, In addition I have recorded 4 singles to-date. However, My Humanitarian initiatives have kept me very busy travelling and so I could only record those projects when I was settled.

Q: Wow your some kind of super hero to fit in everything you do.
unique voice has me gripped every time I listen to your music. Abba Oh did the same thing, how did this song come about?

A: To God be The Glory Sis Ruthie I really could not do any of this without Him. Thanks much Appreciated I minister under The Anointing and This for me is the yoke destroyer I feel The Power if God heavily when I minister. This song ABBA Oh came about through a worship encounter I had with God one morning when I was having my devotion; The Lord gave me three songs that same morning including a reggae song but I chose to record ABBA Oh because for me it is different it brought me into the very Presence of God and so this is the same experience I want my listeners to have. it’s the first time I am venturing into Recording a song with a different sound and a different beat I am grateful that God took me right into the Motherland Africa (the beginning of Creation) for me this is awesome!

Q: It is awesome. Do you have plans for more new music this year?

A: Thank you TGBTG. yes there are other songs that The Lord has given me and I am seriously trying to record them and get the album out by next year God’s Willing. I am aware about the demands from my followers for more Anointed reggae gospel music; so I am praying and trusting God for the manifestation. The album will be entitled “The Greatest Love Story”.

Q: I think sometimes we need more time. As I think music could easily be a full time career.
You have been a blessing to the TKC (The Kingdom Community) with your interview and fellowship you offered them. Is preaching and looking out for youth artist something your passionate about?

Yes indeed thank God I am very happy to have been a blessing to the TKC Group it was a great Empowerment session; in fact, after the interview many of the youths reached out to me on a personal level seeking advice, mentoring, guidance, and direction for their music ministry. I strongly believe that God has mandated me for this and so I am very purpose driven in helping to steer the lives and helping to develop great leaders of the next generation. As for preaching it’s something I had ran away from from my youthful years because as a PK I saw what my parents went through; my mom offered to send me to Bible School but I told her no; when I got the opportunity to migrate to Canada in 1980 I was very happy. However, after having some pitfalls I recognized that God was using those experiences to call me into ministry and so I yielded to the call. I started out singing and preaching developed as God started to use me I could not run anymore here I am today to tell the world that His Mercy has rewrote my life.

Q: That is awesome. I have seen alot of them look up to you. Many call you mummy. I know your planning by Gods grace coming to UK this October. Tell us a little about this?

A: Yes indeed I am very honored and count it a great blessing from God considering that some of these men and women are not just musicians but some are Pastors, Apostles, and Leaders in their own rights. It’s a title that I don’t take lightly because they look up to me and so I am carrying them spiritually TGBTG. Yes I am so very excited about coming to London for the Gospel Explosion Summit (GE Summit) UK Meets USA; I am very grateful to God, Carol Crawford and Eric Reverence for the opportunity to be among the selected artists who will be ministering at this historic event October 11th – 12th, 2019 at the Emmanuel Center. London will never be the same again after this event; it’s going to be A Holy Ghost party, it’s going to be epic totally life transforming experience.

Q: I really can’t wait too. I have had privilege to work for the team myself and see the ministry coming together. I really look forward to meeting you in person.
If people like to connect with you, what are your social handles?

A: Thank you Sis Ruthie and likewise. Yes indeed the GE Summit Team are unified and working tirelessly to make it all happen; God will be glorified in all that they are doing. My Social Media handles are:

Twitter @kaymorris
Instagram @queenkaymorris Website

Q: To finish I love to ask can you tell us something unique about you that maybe nobody knows? This could be something you like or dislike.

Yes what is unique about me is that I really like fashion a lot but over the years I would come up with my own creative design ideas but was not able to sew them myself; I had always give them out to a professional seamstress. However, one night in early January 2018 I had a vision that I had a sewing machine and was sewing an outfit; I woke up and thought to myself that God must be giving me a message to start sewing my outfits myself. Well I took on the challenge In January 2018 I was invited to thé 60th Grammy Awards in New York City. I designed and sewed my red carpet dress for the event where I was singing to honour Dionne Warwick for her Lifetime Achievements. From that time I have been sewing all of my Red Carpet and special events outfits. I will be designing and sewing one for the GE Summit Red Carpet appearance.

Awesome. I love that. I wish I had that talent. I can only just sew on a button. I can’t wait to see your outfit and really looking forward to meeting you in October. God bless you and thank you for your time.

You are most welcome and thanks a lot for this great interview. Sis Ruthie Philippians 4:13 yes you can but you have to stir up the gifts God is our Creator and so He has given us all creative abilities. Remain blessed.

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