Pour One EP By Arvetra D. Jones

Originally from the small town of Aberdeen, North Carolina, Arvetra D. Jones was raised in a small home within minutes of one of the nation’s largest military bases in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Arvetra D. Jones has two sisters and was raised to express his creativity in various art forms, by parents Arvetra Jones Jr, and Ruth C. Jones.

Arvetra D. Jones: “We grew up singing together in church and I started writing music around nine or ten years old. My cousin and I would record on cassette tapes and listen to them to see what we needed to improve in our delivery. I and my cousins had a hip hop group by the name of “Heavy C & the Gospel Rap Boys”. We traveled and began our ministry through rap, very young in age.

My dad would bring home Christian hip hop albums that was sent to him to be played on radio. I remember hearing “Gospel Gangstas”, “Cross Movement”, “A1 Swift”, “Israel the Warrior”, and the guys from out west: Tunnel Rats, Peace 586, Prop, etc… From then, Da Truth came and revolutionized Christian hip hop for me. In addition to that, I had close friends that listened to Jay-Z coming up. I liked how he spoke in parables so that also sparked influence at an early age.”

“As a youth, I was a victim of molestation. In my younger years, I didn’t know how to identify what “trauma” looked like and my actions after being molested showed it. I started watching pornography at an early age, and that translated into fornication.

I was so blinded and unaware of whom I was, and I felt like I had to prove my worth through sex and self-gratification. After losing a daughter (premature birth), almost losing my wife (adultery) getting over porn addiction, and mending broken relationships within myself and externally I have learned a lot about the resiliency of the human and how we can not only bounce back from anything no matter what it is, but we can also be successful in living. We can prove to ourselves that we are better than anything we have endured in the past.

My son is three years old and he vibes to the EP now. I am a social worker for a few public high schools, and the students love the music from the EP. I have gained a load of support from various regions in the states regarding the EP as well. The EP has a mix of live instruments, hip-hop and singing. There are nationally renowned singers such as Tyscot recording artist (my younger sister) Ruth La’Ontra, and producers that have also contributed to the completion of this work. I hope that you enjoy this first project, because there will be more to come! Grace and Peace to all of us!”

Pour One was released 21st January 2019

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