Poderoso (Powerful) By Jonathan Avila

Jonathan Avila is releasing his second single titled “Poderoso” (Powerful). This song is part of his latest project called “Honestidad” (Honesty) which was release early this year 2019

This song looks to focus the audience attention in the supernatural power of God. In times like the ones we are living in, we see necessary to talk about this attribute of God.

The energy and lyrics in this song has the potential of turning into an anthem of warfare for our young generations During some tours in the United States, Jonathan has introduced this song in different opportunities and noticed and interesting acceptance within youth and young adults. For this reason we want to share this song with your audience and hopefully complement the excelente work your are doing in your social media and different outlets of ministry.

Poderoso was released earlier this year and is a single from is album Honestidad.

You can purchase it on one of the links below…