Interview with Nadine Valentine

On Tuesday the 2nd of July 2019 I had the privilege to have Nadine take part in a Interview with me.

Hello Nadine, thank you for taking time out of your day to take part in this interview.
Firstly I would like to say thank you for all your support for RCM, you have been there in the shadows supporting and encouraging me right from the start, I really do value you.

Q: For those who don’t know who you are, could you tell us who you are, where your from and what you do?

A: Thank you for having me Ruthie. My name is Nadine Valentine and I was born in Jamaica but presently reside in Florida in the US. I’m a pastor along with my husband.

Q: That is some busy job looking after a congregation. Has being a pastor something you have always wanted to do?

A: We are a small ministry, having just recently started. Our focus is on teaching the Word. We are a house ministry at the moment so its quite manageable for now. We are both ordained ministers with the Church of God New Testament. No I never dream’t I would be pastoring.

Q: God directs our paths that we never expected.
You are also a Gospel Artist too, being from Jamaica your roots in music must be reggae. Can you Tell us a little about your music and style?

A: He certainly does. Yes most definitely my music roots are reggae. I grew up listening to reggae and dance hall music. Reggae gospel came along much later. As a youth I was in a church music group called New Life Gospel Band and we mostly sang our traditional Jamaican songs. Many of these songs are being done now as reggae gospel so it has been interesting to see how the songs of my youth have evolved. I would like to believe my style is a mixture… I’m also a praise and worship singer so I do contemporary worship as well as reggae gospel. I write my own songs usually out of a time of worship so what ever the Spirit of the Lord is saying to me during those times I write.

Q: Yes your last single was a very much worship style.
Tell us a little about your single ‘You Are My King’? How did that single come about?

A: It was. That was not initially the song I was going to release next but God changed my agenda. I went to bed one night and had a dream of You are my King being sung in a dream. I got the first two lines and the melody straight from Heaven. I woke up, got my phone and recorded what I had heard in the dream…then I woke my husband and had him listen to it. He then got his guitar and began to play it and before we had church that morning the song was composed. Over the following weeks I changed a line or two but the end result was You are my King. I knew I was to record it next which in obedience I did.

Q:Wow, I love that. We have plans but God can easily change them.
Do you have plans for more new music this year?

A: He certainly will change our plans and we may not understand why but obedience always brings blessings. Yes I am presently working on another single. My true desire is to release a full album next year but because I’m a fairly new artiste I want to test the waters so to speak. I also want to do a reggae gospel album with some of my favorite Jamaican songs in the near future, the Lord willing but I know its His timing and not mine. Its a step of faith and its a new season.

Q:Well I think that would be amazing. And I would definitely support you and your album. I believe also you are a writer and wrote a Ebook back in 2016, what is your book about?

Thank you. I appreciate your support Ruthie. I wrote a short Ebook titled The Art of Waiting. Its about waiting on the Lord for His plans to manifest in our lives. I just shared my journey of waiting with readers, how challenging and discouraging at times it got especially when I knew that He was calling me to do more. I also used Bible characters like David, Hannah and Joseph as examples of those who waited on the Lord and were successful and victorious.

Q:That is great. You definitely keep yourself busy with doing multiple things. Is there anything you don’t do that you would like to achieve?

A: Jesus said to whom much is given, much is required so I’m just trying to make sure I’m doing all He requires of me. I would like to do more preaching and teaching around the globe. I LIVE to teach so definitely would love to do more of that.

Q: Amen. I would love to listen to your meetings and hear you myself.
God will use your skills for his glory.
Have you done much traveling before? Have you been to the U.K.?

A: Thank you. Yes I have been to a couple countries: Peru, St. Lucia, US Virgin Islands and no I have never been to the UK…but Gods willing soon.

Q: Well if you do come over at some point I will definitely love to meet you. I myself would love to travel a bit to meet people. Who is your favorite bible character apart from Jesus and why?

A: Awesome. I would love that too. I love David. He loved the Lord and loved to worship Him and even if he messed up He kept a repentant heart. Hes my inspiration. His psalms encourage me quite often.

Q: That nice. Thank you for sharing. If people would like to connect with you how can they do this?

A: You are most welcome and thank you again for having me Ruthie. I can be reached on Instagram/Facebook…nadine.valentine.50 and Twitter: @nadineMvalenti1. I also have a You tube can look me up on Google search just by my name.

My two singles can be purchased on all digital platforms…Amazon, Spotify, Itunes etc

Q: Thank you. Last question I ask is can you tell us something unique about yourself that people don’t know? this could be as simple as something you like or dislike.

A: I don’t like driving at nights and I’m a football fan…I love Brazil.

well it’s something I don’t think I would like to do if I drove a car. I like to be indoors come evenings.

Thank you again for answering my questions and your time. I wish you well.

A: Again thank you for having me. Many blessings. Shalom

You Are My King was featured on RCM, Check it out here…