Interview With Rapper Phill

Rapper Phill from Kenya was kind enough to spare me some time on the 20th of June 2019 for a interview. check it out below.

Q: Hello Rapper Phill, thank you for your time to do this interview.
For those who don’t know you who are you and what do you do?

A: Hello Ruth, thank you for this opportunity am grateful…
Well from my name you can tell am a Rapper already. Rapper Phill is a gospel music minister with one mission, to unveil Jesus to the whole world….

Q:Rapper Phill is a good catchy name.
Do you sing any other styles or is it purely rap?

A: Well i do have a heavy deep voice but i rap sing sometimes, depending on the beat and mood hehe…

Q: Awesome.
So when did you start your rapping music career?

I have been in the game for a while now, i started back in 2007 but as a secular Rapper before I saw the light and received Jesus as my Lord and savior in 2015.

Q: As a Christian Artist how many new singles/albums do you have to your name?

A: Am actually working on my new album with Chacha at Urban Scorch records to be released end this year or early next year…

Q: That great, I have heard some of your music with Chacha and it is awesome. Do you wish to collaborate with other artists?

A: For now am very careful since its also ministry but am very comfortable working with Chacha we get along very well and we have the same mission, to unveil Jesus to the world.

Q: That is good, as much as we want to expand it is also good to be careful and make the right decisions. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the Gospel music industry?

A: Well i love looking on the positive side dear, every challenge I take it as bread chew it and move forward, as a child of God I understand am the seed of Abraham so the world is mine.

Well people nowadays seek the gifts more than the giver, every one want to do it big the easy way but i will like to put it this way, we are here to spread the gospel, without the word music is music even if it sounds nice. Like go for the word, live it and give it the world. Matthew 6:33

Q:This is good way to look on life and that is with a positive attitude.
What is your plan for this coming year? New music?

A: Good question, I want to impact my generation with the investment of my personality

Q: I am loving your answers, your such a positive person, and you have a great mission.
I can see you being a pastor or minister in some way, is this something you do or interested in?

A: Well am actually one, serving and a great man of God, Pastor Frank Mutua who is my mentor and Father in the Lord.

Q: That great. I connected with you myself when I saw you nominated for Maranatha Worship Music Awards, I notice you have such a large fan base. How do you promote yourself as a artist?

A: After I got born again I took a break to feed on the word first, made a come back last year in November, am actually making new fans completely since my message changed and the nomination was a great encouragement to me and more are coming by Gods grace. God has favoured me I can say He connects me with people like you with the same mind and vision and promoting the music becomes easier.

Q: You have done great in a short space of time to connect with people. God is a wonderful God and he the one in control. You have just released you new music video with Chacha called JUU, what does JUU mean?

A: Juu is a Swahili word which means up, the song talks about God’s goodness and His love. It’s simply means our lives is forward and upwards only…

Q: This is great. If people want to connect with you, which is your social media handles so they can connect with you?

A: @Rapper_Phill , That simple.

Q: That great. I like to finish the interview by asking would you share something unique about yourself for us? This could be as simple as something you like or dislike.

A: Something i like or dislike… Am shy in front of the camera hehe…

I am shocked seeing your videos it does not show.
God bless you Phill and thank you for taking time out of your day to answer my questions.

Thank you, always a pleasure. Looking forward to meet you!