So Amazing By Simoni (Ft. Massin

Simoni is a gospel minister; song writer, singer and producer who’s fallen deeply in love with the gospel of Jesus Christ. His ever growing passion is to share the love of Christ with the masses through his songs.

The single we are releasing is titled ‘So Amazing’. In this song which I featured my brother Massin, we want to testify to the goodness, the love and grace of our God. We are saying in the song, God you’re so amazing. We are also saying in the song that the joy that we feel, we cannot contain it, and the love that God has given us wanna make us dance.

We are also saying, no one can love us like He does because most times we mess up yet He remembers our names, he still cares and still loves us. So in this song, there’s a testimony of my life and how God just loves me despite all of my faults and weaknesses. In this song I wanna encourage someone to come and experience what we have found in Christ, the joy, the love, the peace, the hope.

This song is actually inspired by the bible verse which says, “they overcame by the word of their testimony and by the blood of the lamb…”
I write the song as I was reflecting on the many blessing I have enjoyed since I got born again and the verse that was actually on my mind is Revelation 12:11. It was at a time when I was feeling low and the Holy spirit led me into mediation on the same verse. Then I got the strength to say the best prayer I can say I actually a testimony, a song of praise because I know praise hurts the devil too much. I draw a lot of strength from this song as I know it is a testimony and it reminds me of my position in Christ.

So amazing was released 31st May 2019

You can download your copy on the link below…

I also interviewed Simoni just before this single was released, you can also view it here…