Interview with Sammy Sas

On 10th of June 2019 I spent some time chatting and getting to know the famous Sammy Sas.

Hello and thank you Sammy Sas for your time in doing this interview, I know your a busy person.

Q: I myself connected with you a couple of months ago regarding The Kingdom Community,
For those who do not know what the community is, would you kindly explain when it came about and more about it please?

A: I celebrate You Ruthie. First of all, let me start by saying a very big Thank you for having ME, I feel soooooo blessed.

Ok,The kingdom community aka TKC Global,is an online Christian community for individuals in the Entertainment, media and fashion industry.
On the 30th of April 2019,The Lord Spoke to me when I was washing dishes in the morning, in my house (God speaks more at your place of service). He said, I should create a Whatsapp group and add people I know that are in the Entertainment, Media and fashion industries on my mobile phone contact. At first I didn’t really understood the reason for creating the Whatsapp group, but the voice told me to do it and I should share the vision with my Personal assistant Mr Femi Salako aka F4C. I called him and told him what God wanted me to do and to my surprise,he saw the vision just the same way the Holy Spirit, showed me and he (F4C) insisted that I create the Whatsapp group, immediately.

At about 11:50am (That same day) I created the whatsapp group and added people in my mobile phone contact who are in the 3 listed industries,without informing them.As soon as the group was created,people who found themselves in a Whatsapp group without their knowledge didn’t feel cool with it at first,so I had to apologize and explain that this was based on the direction of The Holy Spirit and emphasized that anybody is free to leave,if the individual is not comfortable.We started by Faith with NO name,few hours after the group was created The Holy Spirit,spoke to me to call the group “The Kingdom Community”. To my surprise, that same day by 11:50pm (12 hours later) The Whatsapp group have become a family community.We all have bounded together as one family under Yahweh and the rest is history.
In less than 2 months, TKC Global have become an international online community, with members From USA, Jamaica, UK, Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria etc.. We fellowship together(we have our morning devotion on the group),We help in supporting ourselves,We celebrate each other and we also have major project’s we all participate as a family.

Las Las The kingdom Community aka TKC Global, is The Lord’s army for this END Time.

Q: I have personally seen how wonderful people are connecting and being kind and supportive of each other, what is your goal or plan for TKC in the near future?

A: To be honest,I don’t know.
TKC is not like a business venture or a company that I had a vision to start. TKC is a product of the direction of The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the BOSS. He direct the steps to take and what to do; My Job is to listen and DO.
To be honest if someone had told me that the Whatsapp group I created in Abuja, Nigeria on the last day of April 2019,was going to become a Global platform in less than 2 month I would have doubted a little but I know My God.
The Holy Spirit as giving us projects that will keep us busy and HE His still directing us so we are sure Our future is as settled as Jeremiah 29:11.

I think it is a wonderful and unique platform and I know God will guide you and your team.

Q: For people who don’t know you, could you tell us a little about yourself? Who is Sammy Sas?


Sammy Sas aka Samuel Sas-Uduehi ,is a Nigerian from Edo State.I lost my Dad when I was 9 years old and I lost my Mum when I was 16 years old, that makes me an orphan.
I studied Mass Communications from the University of Jos, Nigeria.

I am a musician, spoken word artiste, actor, camera man, content creator, director, social media/brand manager, promoter, fashion designer, celebrity red-carpet host, radio presenter (co-host of @kissfm_soulsunday) and a prophet of Yahweh according to 1 Samuel 3:19-20.

I am the Ceo of SS Promotionz and Hustle Camp Global (Entertainment and Event company) based in Abuja, Nigeria. I am not married and still searching and las las I am a Lover of Jesus Christ.
My motto is Philippians 4:13

Q:Wow, you definitely keep yourself busy.
How long have you co hosted as a radio presenter? I not heard your shows but I believe you have great personality for the job.

A: Thank you. Actually I have been co hosting since June 2017.
You can listen to my show online every Sunday morning 6am – 10am (Nigeria time) or follow us on Instagram @kissfm_soulsunday

Q: That awesome, for someone like myself who has thought about radio presenting, what tips or advice would you give someone like me?

A: Everything is possible.
Work on yourself. Listen to Radio presenters during their shows, be able to differentiate their individual uniqueness when they talk on radio. See the big picture of your desired future by Faith, pray about it and make the right move.

Q: Thank you for your wisdom.
As a artist how many singles/albums do you have to your name?

A: God Bless you.

I actually didn’t start my music career as a Gospel musician, I started as a secular musician in 2006 in a 5 man music group.In 2013 I won the biggest radio music competition in Abuja, Nigeria and that platform took my solo career to the next level. I released over 11 songs online,which enjoyed radio airplay and was on chart shows in my 7 years as a secular musician. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal savior on the 21st of April 2013 and in 2015 I decided to become a full time Gospel musician and to serve God with my talents and Gift. I released my debut song as a Gospel musician on the 1st of January 2019 and in march, the song made it to the Indie Euro gospel chart show and automatically made me an international Gospel musician in less than three month, God is Awesome!

I released my second single in the month of May, featuring my label mate and spiritual mother, mama GINA PAT and the official Dj of Hustle Camp Global, DJ TEMYL on the song I tilted BLESSING FALL.

As a Gospel musician, I have being featured on many major collaboration with international and my fellow Nigerian artiste, most of the songs are not yet released but you can download my songs, spokenword and collaborations online for FREE, simple Google “SAMMY SAS”.
I have no Mixtape, EP and Album, yet.

I’m more focused on getting more Goodnews music out to the world. Do major collaboration with my brothers and sisters in the Lord, from other nations of the earth and networking to advance the kingdom of God in this generation.
I am working towards an EP that will have features from musician all over the world, by Faith.

Q: Wow that great. Do you have plans for any other new music from yourself this year?

A: Yes oooo….
I have been on a low-key for the past 4 years, yet the Lord was still giving me songs and I was working on myself while waiting for the appointed time to start my music ministry and now is the appointed time. I will be maximizing my music versatility in different genres from HipHop, trap, R&B, Afrobeat, Highlife, Fuji and even Makosa! The point is, am taking the Gospel of Christ Jesus into the music in respective of the genre to BLESS the world.So my music will coming out back to back,with major collaboration with most of the artiste on TKC Global. I have Faith that I am helped and favored by YAH, so keep calm and wait for the music.

Q: I am looking forward to hearing some great music from you in the near future.
Is there an artist you would love to one day collaborate with?

A:Travis Greene

Q: He is a awesome artist.
Can you tell me how you got in promoting and managing artists?

A: Wow! I can remember since I was a boy I have always wanted to be a manager/promoter and also owned one of biggest record label emerging out of Africa to the world. I just have the passion of helping people to achieve their dreams.
When I wanted going into management, I had issues at the starting of my career, because most people underestimated my capability due to the fact that I was young and I wasn’t as rich as the popular promoters in the city. Even some of my friends whom I volunteered to manage them, because of my passion for management, made mockery of me in my absence because they said I have not finished promoting myself and I want to promote others.

God being a faithful father, directed my part with a widow who I discovered had the music talent with a very big potential of becoming a Global Gospel superstar, I volunteered to manage her and she accepted, with joy in our heart we started by Faith 3 years ago and today mama Gina Pat is a popular Gospel musician in the city of Abuja, Nigeria.
My career starter as a result of trying to make mama Gina Pat a Superstar. So whenever I try to open one door for her, God automatically open more doors for me. To be honest most of the platform I have currently enjoyed is as a result of my commitment in making this amazing widow, woman of God, named Gina Pat a kingdom star.
To God be the glory today my dreams are actually becoming my reality.I have a lot of people calling and messaging me for management/promotion, this same boy that was not qualified to be a manager/promoter, now the Lord has qualified me to the world.

Q: Thank you for sharing, it is amazing God using people who we as humans think is unqualified.
I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you.

If people want to connect with you, which is your social handles so they can contact you?

A: Amen…..God bless you dear

Facebook : Sammy Sas-Uduehi
Facebook fan page : Sammy Sas.
Instagram/twitter : @realsammysas

Q: And lastly to end I love our viewers to know something unique about you,can you us something unique about yourself?

A: I am a royal priesthood. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


Thank you Sammy Sas for your time and giving our viewers a little insight about yourself.