My Essence By Uc Godswill

Uc Godswill, am Nigeria multi award winning music priest, a worshipper and a leader. I love to teach and give people the essence of worshiping God as a mandate by God. Revealing the internal revelation of the Almightiness of God to mankind.

According to the modern quick dictionary the word “essence” means the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience.

Any man who has seen the wonders and greatness of God would understand and see reasons behind the worship of God. The almightiness of God is beyond words can tell.

My essence dropped when I was crying to the Lord in the secret about lot of issues but at a time I felt something strange, I felt I was doing it the wrong way I immediately came to my senses and understood that I should be thankful and not weepful or broken, I should be praiseful and not pityful, because I have seen the wonders of God and I have a reason to trust in God almighty. I heard him say to me that his mine “ESSENCE” and I rose up in praise to the almightiness of affirmation I got in Christ Jesus.

was released 1st May 2019

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