Shout By Bawnagen (ft. DJ Troy)

Bawnagen ft DJ Troy is shouting so loud you can’t help but hear them 

This brand new single from  gospel rapper out of Jamaica is a mixture of old school hip hop and dancehall.

Bawnagen testifies in the song that he believes it’s time to take ministry to the next level he has been tested and proven by God and will not take no for an answer from anyone who wishes for him to remain at the same stage.

DJ Troy adding the element of surprise 

Taking the Jamaican style representing the local culture of Jamaica while young rapper Bawnagen brings his love and passion for the hip hop culture to the table tho he is not from the us has a good command of both lingo’s

Look out for these young ministers of the gospel bringing this  unconventional lyrical ability it is definitely something to savor and a sound that is relevant to the youth today.

Shout was released 6th June 2019

You can purchase it on one of the links below…