Heavenly Father By Taiwo Emmanuel

Taiwo Oluwayemisi Emmanuel is a seasoned Minister Of The Most High God who wholly & sincerely depends on the leading and inspiration of The Holy Spirit in everything. She will go any length to proclaim Gods praise; the only reason she is stepping out as a music artist is because God said “it’s time to sing your songs out there”. The reason I waited till now to start releasing songs as I would normally wouldn’t want to; because I have written gospel songs  years ago and gave out to other singers but mainly because I heard God specifically and clearly saying that “go get your music out there now”.

Taiwo loves and enjoys giving full support in worship ministry to everyone when needed.  She is a Music Minister, A writer and Author of worship book/manual: *Worshippers Worship Ways*, Singer-Songwriter, Worship Leader, Public Speaker, Gospel Preacher, Praise Preacher, A Bank Professional & A Full-Time Hardworking Mother of two lovely ladies: Esther & Elisabeth Emmanuel. Taiwo released her first book on worship titled *Worshippers Worship Ways* in February 2019, she has been writing on worship constantly since 2010. Since the release of this book, she has had great testimonies how the book is impacting Gods worshippers worldwide. Taiwo was born April 29th 1974 and raised in Lagos Nigeria, West Africa. She relocated to London in 2006 and currently lives in London, United Kingdom. She ministers and sings inspirational music in places, churches, communities, events – birthdays, naming ceremonies, anniversaries etc. all over the world.

tOe is a twin; raised by her Mother: (Late Mrs Caroline Olujimi Oluwole) who loved praising and worshipping God, singing gospel songs, especially hymns. Having to hold my mother in my arms as she went to be with The Lord in June 2003 has given me so much encouragement over the years that nothing can separate me from the love of God. As such; singing hymns and church songs gave me a high inspiration from childhood and helped me develop my music knowledge, focus and service in the gospel industry. Also with a massive encouragement from my twin sister; Kenny, my family and friends. Growing up; I loved and enjoyed all my singings at home, behind the scenes, wherever & whenever I am alone. In the past; I usually lay in the background and supported others who are into gospel music ministry. But along the line; God instructed me to step-out and do what I was born to do “proclaim His praise & worship for the world to see”. As an individual; through this development, I have personally had an unforgettable worship experience because I believe worshipping The Almighty God need start from the vessel before the vessel can give it out. As you cannot give what you don’t have or what you have never experienced before.

As a result; I further discovered I needed to give back the gifts deposited in me fully. And I know this wouldn’t be achieved while I was laying back. So; some years ago, I stepped up and started singing in a choir in RCCG and till date I still do sing in many churches and everywhere. All these to the glory of God; The Immortal, The Invisible, The Only Wise God!

The Seven Track Album was written in December 2018, I was privileged to be set aside to hear and receive directly from God. And while preparing dinner for my daughters, I suddenly started singing this song with tears flowing down my eyes and I thought “Taiwo what’s wrong with you, why are you being emotional?”. And a voice came strongly saying: get your book and write down these songs. There was an unusual atmosphere in my house that night; as a result I wrote down HEAVENLY FATHER & SAVED BY YOUR LOVE. The compositions, the lyrics, the arrangements of these songs were not human as normally I forget most songs easily when I don’t record straightaway on my phone. But these songs couldn’t just leave my head/brain as the musical tune & notes kept ringing bell within me. It’s quite amazing how I can dance to these songs now but couldn’t while penning it down. The other tracks: IN ALL SITUATIONS, I BOW DOWN, WITH YOU was written shortly after Christmas 2018 as I was inspired accordingly. These songs came along through in an exciting mood; having gone through a lot of challenges, raising my daughters up with just the help of God. We just sing, dance together, rising up our voices to The Lord all the time, especially weekends when I’m off work. In recent times; I’ve had to sit back and reflect through the years acknowledging that indeed it was God who stood, still standing to ensure all works well for me and my girls. I have to work 35 hours a week to make sure they are comfortable with the help of great people around me; and a Godly (divine & dedicated) child-minder; So I know they are in good hands while I’m working.

Also with my commitment to ministerial assignments as I engage in various ministrations in different places and events to The Glory of God. I have a strict time table with my daughters work, my rest period, personal developments and trainings etc. to maintain work-life-balance. The exact reason I pray to God for an usual strength in all things. I remember writing “In All Situations” knowing that in everything we are going through Christ sees and is there in it with us. God never forsake His own. “With You & Saved By Your Love” is to encourage all not only the youths that you can be who you are made for in God when you completely yield to Him; we always need be close to God. Some other songs were written at this period which will be revealed in due course.

Along the line THERE IS NO NAME came through as I was driving home in the car on a particular evening; precisely first week January 2019 and this song came to me suddenly. I received it with thanks and I thought the ranges involved in this song were a bit strange but God said immediately within me “He is The Creator of Music”. So I obeyed, did accordingly, followed His instructions to the core. There now came about “HEAVENLY FATHER (Reprise)” that was birthed as I felt I needed to seal the whole album with the exact instruction stated before me.

The album encourages all who love singing to God to connect & reconnect; a re-filling in a new way, it was produced by Stewart Sofiri, Mixed & Mastered by _24eldaz, with BVs: Abimbola Adebayo, Abimbola Odunlade, Chika and Directed by Christian Junior. This album is for all categories of gospel singers/ministers; especially for anyone who feel they just need God more in every way in everything.  The Album: HEAVENLY FATHER (HF) Matthew 6:9-10; focuses on The Father – Son/Daughter relationship, involving that special bonding necessary to be close to The Father with heaven on our minds. The Tracks in this album helps reflect Who God is really to us and actually, we could feel Him. Heavenly Father is an album of worship, praise & prayer to The Only Everlasting God.

Heavenly Father was released April 30th 2019

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