Interview with Simoni

On the 29th of May 2019 I interviewed the one and only Simoni from Zambia.

Q: I love to start by asking, who is Simoni? For all those who have never heard of you before, please tell us a little bit about you.

A: Simoni is a Zambian born Gospel minister; an Artist, a writer, a preacher and a praise & worship leader with a passion to share the gospel through any means possible. His music is basically about love, peace and hope.

Q: Awesome, can I ask how old you was when you found Christ?

A: Well, I would love to mention that I was raised up in a Christian home both parents mum and dad being devoted Presbyterian Christians later ordained pastors or Reverends if you like. So I grew up as a church boy and or pastors kid but that didn’t guarantee that I had received Christ until when I was about 9 or 10 when mum led me to receive Him as my Lord and savior.

Q: That great, was you in a Church Choir when you was a boy? Or did you get into music when you was older?

A: Yes I was in the church choir. I joined the youth church choir when I was just nine years old. My parents encouraged me to join the choir because I really loved to sing.

Q: So singing was something you enjoyed from a young age, When did you get into music professionally?

Yes it was something I enjoyed from when I was really young.
I started pursuing music professionally in 2005, then I was just Fifteen. I belonged to a quartet group during my junior secondary school days we made a few recordings but then we couldn’t finish up our project as we went our separate ways after graduating from junior secondary. I then went solo but not as a Gospel artist anymore because the studio that I signed up with could only allow me to do circular music. I made a few hits for about 4 or five years or so but God kept on calling me and finally in 2013 I heed to Gods call to just sing to His glory. So aside from that time when I used to do circular music, I would say I started professional music in 2013.

Q: It’s great that you listened to God and got back into music for him.
How many singles/albums have you released since 2013?

A: I have released seven Singles in total and I haven’t released an album yet.

Q: Wow, that a fair few singles. I know you have a single coming out Friday, I have heard it and can say the lyrics are amazing and so is your voice. Would you tell us more about it?

A: Thanks a lot and thanks to God for the grace and the gift to sing.
Well the single we are releasing is titled ‘So Amazing’. In this song which I featured my brother Massin, we want to testify to the goodness, the love and grace of our God. We are saying in the song, God you’re so amazing. We are also saying in the song that the joy that we feel, we cannot contain it, and the love that God has given us wanna make us dance. We are also saying, no one can love us like He does because most times we mess up yet He remembers our names, he still cares and still loves us. So in this song, there’s a testimony of my life and how God just loves me despite all of my faults and weaknesses. In this song I wanna encourage someone to come and experience what we are experiencing in Christ, the joy, the love, the peace, the hope.
This song is actually inspired by the bible verse which says, “they overcame by the word of their testimony and by the blood of the lamb…”
That’s basically what I can say about our my upcoming song.

Q: Wow, I really do believe it going to be a blessing to people.
Do you have plans to do a video for it?

A: Yes. We plan to do a video for this song as soon as possible. The plan is to have a video out before the end of June.

Q: That would really be amazing. Have you worked with Massin before? And have you collaborated with other artists before?

A: This is the first time we have done a song together with Massin but we’ve been buddies for years now and been sharing ideas for a long time.
And yes I have worked with other Artists before. In my most recent release I worked with Paul Payne and I have a number of collaborations lined up for this year.

Q: Awesome. There is some amazing talent from you boys over in Zambia.
What is the plan for this year? More music?

A: Yes there’s a lot of amazing talent here in Zambia.
The plan for this year?
More music yes. And I’m currently putting together an album which we will be able to release in September this year.

Q: Awesome, well I for one can’t wait for that!
As for people to find you and connect with you, are you on social media? And what your social handles?

Yea I’m on social media and people can follow me on
Twitter @Simonitheartist
Instagram @itsyourbouysimoni
Facebook page
Simoni Zambia

Q: Thank you. I like to end my interviews by asking, can you tell us something unique about yourself what others don’t know? something you like or dislike etc.

A: Well that’s a tricky one though.
Okay, I love to take up new challenges. I also love to spend time in quiet places where I can think and meditate. I don’t like nightmares.

Well thank you for sharing. Thank you for your time and all the best with your new single.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity and thanks for your time too.

So Amazing is released today (31st May 2019)

You can purchase it on this link…