Your Pleasure, My Desire By Tee-Eye

Titi Babalola, also known as Tee-Eye, is a singer/songwriter, recording artiste, worshipper and minister with a great passion for God’s Kingdom and to see Him glorified here on earth.

From her early background as a soprano in the Anglican Church she attended with her parents and siblings, she believed that God’s gifts and talents must never be hidden or taken lightly as they are given for “the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ”.

Song writing, a gift she discovered as she grew older, has improved by the day with most of her songs based on life experiences that people are able to relate to, as well as songs lifting up the Most High God who has been the greatest influence in her life.

Tee-Eye’s ministry is about inspiring, motivating and uplifting and she believes that her music, apart from glorifying the Lord, will bring comfort and cause faith to rise up in the hearts of the hearers.

Your Pleasure, My Desire was released November 2018

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