Interview With King David Tobi

Over the second weekend of May 2019 I chatted with up and coming Gospel afrobeat artist King David Tobi from Nigeria.

Q: Hi King David, I thought it be good to start with if anyone who does not know you or heard about you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: Hi my name is King David Tobi, I am a Nigerian. My full name is David Oluwatobi Olorunosebi and i am popularly known as King David Tobi. I have made three albums so far, called ‘A New Dawn’ ‘Jesus In The Streets’ and currently the new one called ‘King Of Afrogospel’. I love to make some for God, I mostly make Afrogospel music and Hip hop music and also i am a good rapper. I have loved to sing for God since age of 7 and preformed in many crowds in some countries, and i know i will never stop. I love to spread love to people, to make people to be motivated, I like to let people know they can do it, with God all things are possible, to them who believe in God.

Q: It is so lovely that your doing everything you are doing for God. So you call yourself King David Tobi, how did you come up with the name King David, was it a given name to you when you was younger or how did your name came about?

A: I knew there was a great King in the bible called King David, i also knew my name was tobi so i chose it like a calculation that King David in the bible is a living legend even to this day, he been appreciated thousands and millions of Israelites all over the world and also Christians they Learnt from him because he was he was the king of praise, and I knew King David Tobi was big, as my name also is Tobi is also means big, so I chose to call myself King David Tobi for the remembrances of King David in the days of Israel, being the King, being the King of Praise, being the apple of Gods eye, being the One who never lost a battle, being the reason why today we have Jesus in our lives. So i wanted to just acknowledge and appreciate King David In the bible by calling myself King David Tobi, because that name King David is bigger than anything else. King David Tobi sums it up Big King David in English.

Q: I love how you came about choosing your name, You did not just give yourself a random name, you gave it some thought. You Said Previously you have three albums out at the moment, When was these released and could you tell us a little about them?

A: A New Dawn

“A New Dawn” was literally my first album ever. It was my debut album released on my birthday November 17th 2017. It was really the album that I needed to really know what I should really to focus on in gospel music. That album is possibly the most challenging and the most awesome album because I had to be more of a song writer on the album, trying to collaborate with other people, trying to study myself and really know what I can do to move forward. I made the album from experience over the years from me listening to music and in that album I made about two or three rap songs.l because it was an 11 track album. I also made afrobeat songs or you can call them afro gospel with levels, abeg o and you matter. Then I also did some contemporary gospel with a song called Like our God on the album. So I discovered I think I can have more fun with afrogospel and I also loved the attention I got with rap with my song called king of kings. I actually love A New Dawn and it really kind of made me to be confident in moving forward.

Jesus In The Streets

While Jesus in the streets was a very good album for me. So apart from that, A NEW DAWN I worked with Dabliss from Port Harcourt, worked with RichieB and this two producers did a great job for me. When I was doing my second album I really had a great connection with RichieB who is from akwa ibom Nigeria. We both worked on the second album with also the help of my friend UnlimitedYP. We both made rap songs from it, made afrobeat gospel songs which is what I called afrogospel right now. We did lots of great work on it also with the people I collaborated on my second album JESUS IN THE STREETS was just really a name referee to as Jesus in the streets. I really needed to go deep down with people living in slums, who know there is Jesus, who are thinking that Jesus isn’t on their side. That was the point about Jesus in the streets. Jesus in the streets was a conmon name with a common sense with a common mission with a common goal and with a common clear agenda and a common clear solution, that was why Jesus in the street was made for. A common solution solution with Jesus to let everyone who is labored to let them have rest and let them see Jesus working in their life.

King Of AfroGospel

King Of Afrogospel, my third album is more of a short album with three. I called those three tracks like trinity and it was more of me working with that word trinity. Doing God is the king of kings, Jesus is the king of kings, God is the lord of lords, Jesus is the lord of lords. So its made me know that if God is the king of kings and Jesus is the king of kings I am a king too. So I started to see myself identifying well with afrogospel sounds all thanks to how Chineke nagode did on Jesus in the streets. So o really have been hoping to do an album with afrogospel sounds although. I like my way of entering into English, I have this string affection for pidgin, I just use it and it just made sense and I discovered I could use this Nigerian language to express my feelings to people through beats and letting them discover a new rhythm. So I actually start seeing myself doing more music with electronic sounds or edm sounds or dance music sounds or afrobeat sounds, afrogospel sound. So I just wanted king of afrogospel to work with that goal I am seeing. The common solution which is making more Street music and afrogospel ordinarily is currently a world favorite genre all over the world. People love afrobeats so am more trying to rescue people with Jesus afrobeat and letting them see a fun part of it, that was the point of king of afrogospel. King of afrogospel is just basically for me more of letting people know more about a trinity. So me I did 8 billion blessing, God is blessing the world, did milky way, which is Jesus the son then I did million dollar question which people are asking who is this holy spirit and it just came out better than I expected. So yes that’s what King of afrogospel is more to me and I want people to know it’s truly a blessing.

Q: Wow it’s nice to hear some insight of each of your album. I am aware that your featured in a magazine would you like to tell us about it?

A: So God has done it for me and open the door for me with ryze magazine. They are a great team, phenomenal team, they did a piece for me. They talked about my music on their platforms, working with their team, they are always very powerful and energetic. They put out the king of afrogospel. I know God has given me a door through their platform and I give thanks to God. I thank God KingDavidTobi’s music is moving fast.

Q: That Amazing for you. I notice that King Of AfroGospel seems to be hitting radio shows all around the world, and you be number one on top of the charts on Be Inspired With Shoggy Tosh. That must make you feel really excited and happy. How are you yourself promoting your music? Do you have team behind you that pushes your music out there across the world or are you solo responsible for pushing your music out there?

A: Yes being number 1 on Be Inspired with Shoggy Tosh chart is one of the best things that happened to me. I’m really grateful to the people who voted for me. Mostly I thank God I learned the principles of people and what they play in your life. Am more an artist that tried to motivate people to not really care about what stream numbers you bring to your music. Am not really about it rather am more of an artist wishing to possibly have listeners who are always connecting to me telling me how they were blessed by the song and not me trying to show the world the number of streams I bring. I even thank God for some whatsapp and Instagram platform that let me connect to people easily. So it’s been like that for me and God has been giving me the strength to really try. And locate people for all over the world and let them know about my sound and we talk about it. It gets me closer to people so most times my listeners are always excited for that new music and it made me have this energy regardless of how many they are. That’s one of the things I’m grateful for. Like I said we don’t care about the numbers you bringing, I started making music just to have songs I can listen to personally and praise God in my way but it went more than that and I even thought after my first album I’d be done but then look at me now, I’ve done three albums in two years.

Q: Thank you for sharing. what is your plan for this coming year? Is there more music on the agenda, or any events or touring that is coming up for you this year?

A: He has to be praised he started the journey of king of afro gospel with me. My first project this year which I dropped on April 21st. He Had a way to move the album with no much revenue on promotions. God had a way and it reached places beyond my expectations. I just want to give God praise because he used me from Nigeria and I started making music three years ago and for me to have come this far it’s been God’s faithfulness. 2019 major focus is to make more music, God has brought a concept, a festival for me. I call it afrogospel festival. I’m making an initiative for it to be a door for lots of artist. It’s going to be huge and soon we will be up and running.

We are going into every street to spread the goodnews via afrogospel festival. So this year is going to be more of music with more projects coming up and more plans and marchandise. I know my dream to talk about Jesus everyday is on track. I’m going to take my time and drop each sound as it comes. By the grace of God the albums are coming, God is really a glorious God, Jesus is truly the motor we have and I have no choice than take him to the world. It’s just a year of Jesus to the world for me, I’d tell everyone reading this to watch out for more music, watch the space and be on my social media’s for further information for the life transforming afrogospel concert.

Q: As you was talking then it really reminded me of your second album, Jesus In The Streets, as your really wanting to take your music out there and take it out to the streets really. As your mentioned people connecting with you, what are your social media handles and how can people connect with you?

A: Thank you so much. People have been connecting and the music is under then name right now. The music is under the name KingDavidTobi and it has been a huge blessing to be the only KingDavidTobi in this world. So yeah with it you can get me on all social media platform. That’s the easiest way. Through God’s grace I’ve been able to connect with people easily and has been a blessing so far to me. Taking Jesus to the street is one of the reason that gave birth to afrogospel music festival and the drive with the second album. More albums are coming up, projects and videos. Things are really stirring up and the second album has brought a path forward. The goal is to talk about Jesus everyday. To make people find Jesus on a daily. I just make my music to breach the gap between circular music and gospel music. It’s not been an easy job but then that’s why I started music in the first place to make it easy for circular listeners to make a switch to gospel music.

Q: Lastly I like to ask something unique, tell us something Unique about you, this maybe something you like or dislike, apart from talking as i can tell you like to talk.

A: Yeah, I really love talking, I’m actually a very sincere person and I always wish a times I was a bad guy like an American teen who always bullies. It has been been different for me, I’ve always been so gentle, and I’m actually an easy going person. I actually don’t really like disappointing people and I don’t also want to please everyone. My main priority is only pleasing Jesus and I thank God I’ve been able to be among God more of a person who looks for a way out, I don’t like sitting down and waiting for someone. My mind always has a way of working to be at a goal I wish to achieve. Its all by God’s grace but I always like to be self dependent on my skills and what I can do. I dislike depending on other people. The world is such that people you look up to ends up disappointing. I don’t even know who would be my best man on my wedding day. That’s how I’ve always been. It’s my decision and it’s covered by the grace of God.

Thank you King David for your time and telling us that little bit more about you and insight about your music and your ministry.