Jesus By Godwin Dash

Godwin Dash is an international Reggae Gospel artist, working in partnership with Charway Promotions, a Canadian based company.
Godwin is the youngest of six children born to his Ghanaian parents. When he was only a toddler his family relocated to Nigeria due to his father’s career. Nigeria was where Godwin and his siblings where raised. It was not until the premature death of Godwin’s father that prompted Godwin’s return to his country of birth Ghana, where he now calls home.

There was a point in his life where he had to completely surrender all to God.  He remember when he first gave my life to Christ Jesus, he was not wholeheartedly committed to his faith.

 He was straddled between the world and the Church.  Subsequently, back then he realize that life without God was a waste, there was no peace.  Even though he seemingly had everything the world could offer, but there was something missing from his life.

Several times he experienced a spiritual pull, and each time he was obedient, there was this joy and overwhelming peace that would fill him.  he discern that nothing is comparable to the love that God have for us. He realized that he had to submit himself unconditionally to Him. Therefore, he re-baptized and gave his whole self, mind, body and soul unequivocally to his will.  God is everything to him.

 The song “Jesus” was inspired by a revelation, a understanding that he cannot breathe without Him. God is his everything.  Words cannot begin to convey how much my heavenly Father means to him, and this song was his attempt to express his love for Jesus.

Jesus was released 2017