I Am By Tanty Freeman II

Tanty Augusta (Gus) Freeman II, born to Tanty and Betty Freeman on May 7, 1984 in Wilmington NC. He was raised in the small of Bolton, North Carolina, west of Wilmington by about 30 miles.

At the age of 7 he began taking piano lessons, which in turn enabled him to begin songwriting  during these years. His style of writing was unconventional and yet extremely effective.  Gus had a special gift of portraying emotions through storytelling, that could identify with any reader.   Within the next few years,  at the age of 10, he played his first song on the drums. From that time on he has traveled to various places, using his gift of music to minister.

During his middle school and high school years, he also became a member of the all-county chorus and band. Performing during the Celebration Of Arts along with surrounding schools. As time went on, Tanty (Gus) began to develop a unique sound in his playing that centered around worship and  the more this sound developed through him, it became evident that he flowed prophetically in music.

 Tanty (Gus) began giving free music lessons to anyone that had an interest to play music within churches. Due to his passion of  making sure that any church body in need had active musicians that played by the leading of the Holy Spirit. He began teaching musicians how to play prophetically, with the focal point being, teaching them that the gift of exhortation began and ends with God and that Jesus should always be the foundation.

His approach of less is more, can be heard through his playing. By the age of 27, he was elevated to the poisition of Minister of Music at his home church, Community Prayer House, of Bolton NC, where his father Tanty Freeman is the Pastor. Shortly after stepping into this position, Tanty (Gus) was contacted about an opportunity to open at a concert for gospel recording artist Lucinda Moore.  

This experience of being on stage for the first time marked such a place of significance in his life, that it would perpetuate him to began his new journey of recording at the age of 29. Over the next 4 years, every obstacle imaginable would spring up to divert his mission of recording and releasing his first song.  However, the Holy Spirit would lead Tanty (Gus) on phase 2 of this journey by teaching him  a new language on how to record, mix and master.

 Solely depending on His(the Holy Spirits)leading, On May 1, 2017 the recording process begin. Within a period of 8 months, on Janurary 26, 2018, the song entitled “I Am” was completed and released to the public.  During this time, Tanty (Gus) also founded his recording studio where his single “I Am” was recorded.

 Tanty(Gus) recently was nominated for Producer/Songwriter of the Year at the 4th Annual Steeple Awards in Atlanta, Georgia.  While his Journey has only began to move unhindered, his passion will always remain in equipping of the body of Christ by ultimately teaching to edify God through not only the gift of exhortation.

The equipping to not just be limited to the gift of exhortation(music). But in all ways.

I am was released 26th January 2018

You can purchase your copy of ‘I AM’ on the link below…