Revealing Jesus Vol.1 By Psalm Ebube

Gospel singer, Psalm Ebube, is one Minister, who breezed into the music scene with the church anthem, ‘Kabio’osi Baba ire ni onise iyanu Dansakire,we praise you lord you are worthy to be praise.. Somebody worship somebody Praise & Oba oba oba oba titi aye..Oba ’ more than a decade ago, has dropped classic songs and was instrumental.

There’s a solid encounter about who Jesus his, so I submit to you in this album a supernatural experience that makes a reality real to you. The only entity that is capable of helping men to know Jesus is holy Spirit.We don’t leave by the song itself but by the word  & spirit in the song, all the  songs in Revealing Jesus Album is just a container, the message behind the song is where the word of God is,

I have seen Jesus  twice in the first quarter of this year, so am very sure about who am revealing to the world via the empowerment of the holy spirit.

This Album is equipped by Holy Spirit to Change our life’s permanently.

This album will draw men and women into a depth of intimate relationship with Jesus and unveils Jesus. you will know who he his, what his he like, Character like, what does he like, You will be amazed when you digest the word and spirit In this album, and you will be amazed about the information available about Jesus that you probably didn’t know or had taken for granted.

This album unveils Jesus , you will know who he his,and what he his like, character like, what does he like, you will be amazed when you listen to all the songs on this double album.
Jesus has been in existence long before you can even imagine, John 8: 56:58 John 17: 5 it simply means the so called Devil came after Jesus, as a matter of fact, the devil is Jesus  creation. 

Revealing Jesus Vol 1 was released 12th of April 2019

You can download your copy one on of the links below…