Holy God By Kylie Bokolo

Recording artist Kylie Bokolo`s fourth single HOLY GOD and its interesting music video are unlike anything played among April`s new Gospel music releases. Before now, her first three singles were Because of You, Imela and Hallelujah.

The weighty worship song rises from “a place of intimacy,” according to Kylie, who also doubles as a fantastic UK-based singer and songwriter.

HOLY GOD is a music production by Segigo and behind the rich music video was Dr Seth. With its confessional declaration of holiness and inducing lyrics, Kylie Bokolo`s song will be one you`d remember well.

I desire that this worship brings your heart to yearn for a more in-depth experience with God. How Amazing it is that God who is without sin will love humans conceived in iniquity.”

Holy God is a song from a place of intimacy , To behold the awesome presence of God an unimaginable serenity filled the atmosphere only to reveal and unravel the depth of God’s purity to me, it humbles me to know that such a great holy God would love an imperfect person like me to reveal his presence to me. I am in awe of his holiness.

Holy God was released 12th April 2019

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