Marked By Preacher (ft Elijah Nang)

Preacher produces faith-filled and inspirational music which revolves around his personal experiences, his generations, his past and his faith. He has released two new singles so far this year.

Preacher’s second new single “Marked” which he released on Good Friday, focuses on what it means to be set free from the state and slavery of sin, belonging to God and the joy of living with Jesus Christ. This song is to remind and encourage those in the faith to appreciate and embraced that they are marked [clothed with Christ, covered by the blood of, set free] by Christ and live the life of freedom we have received to pursue righteousness and do good with God in us.

Preacher believes everything he has been given is a gift, which should be used for good, and that being authentic and transparent in his music would help others understand the good of being real, unlearning lies and pursuing the truth about himself, not being afraid of stating and living out what is right, and strengthening others in faith. So keep an eye out for this fella, because he is coming out from his slumber

Marked was released 19th April 2019

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