The Higher Calling By Jim Radical

Humble, Engaging, Edifying, Real and Radical – Five words that define the Gospel Reggae/Dancehall Artiste, Jim Radical. As one of the new ground-breaking Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall gospel artists and a part of the Solider For Christ (S.F.C) movement, Jim Radical seeks to captivate his audiences with his lyrical style, jovial smile, message and his militant heart for ministry, which is all captured in his slogan ‘GODUP’.

ministry, which is all captured in his slog ‘GODUP’.

The “GOD UP! wen wi praise god wi never si down wi stand up” artiste Jim Radical, seeks not to change the tradition of wining souls for Christ through his music but also attempts to demonstrate how leading a Christian life could be a fulfilling, enjoyable, fun and vibrant experience contrary to that of popular belief.

Gemoll Mclean, better known as Jim Radical have encountered at least two life changing experiences which he testifies helped strengthen his already existing bond with Christ. Firstly at age ten , Gemoll managed to escape without serious injury after he was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. This was an eye opening experience for a then young Gemoll who was drawn closer to Christ as a result.

Eight years later however, produced a second experience which can be partly credited for creating the platform for the brand Jim Radical and his musical ministry and journey.

A grateful and humbled Jim Radical today, remembered how he had regrettably stumbled across a group of men as they murdered a member of his community before his very eyes, an experience which only by the grace of God he walked away from with only the psychological scars from what he had witnessed.

As a result of such a tragic experience came the Genesis of Mr Jim, as he believed that God had a greater plan and also a great mission for his life than he then knew. Jim Radical sought support and refuge from his Golden Spring Carpenters Memorial United Brethren in Christ Church family throughout his many experiences and life lessons, and is still a very much active member in the church he grew up in today.

Jim Radical was baptized at age twelve, and as he began this new chapter into his life, he realized a new desire and love for music. He started playing different musical instruments but was drawn specifically to the drum, in which he got better with after every beat.

A talented and adventurous Jim Radical, led by personal experiences began to experiment into other aspects of the musical sphere. Driven by passion, love, desire and a motivated heart, Jim Radical managed to unveil his hidden talents of song writing and DJ/SINGJ reggae and dancehall Gospel music.

All happening in year 2013, when he discovered the persona Mr Jim, the first stage name acquired by the now Jim Radical. As the year 2013 went by Mr Jim through his desire of taking his new found gift to the next level, where he could touch more lives and win souls for Christ, went on a series of fasting and praying, surrendering himself to be used by Christ. The renaissance was made, “A strong foundation in Christ” was established from which gave birth to “Jim Radical” and the Jim Radical Ministry.

The Higher Calling was released 27th July 2018

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