Unlimited By Emeka Mars

Emeka Mars is a Nigerian born, producer, songwriter, recording artist, poet, entrepreneur and social advocate. His deep background in secular music as well as his present dedication to the Gospel ministry has had him produce and work with artists such as Felly D, Mr UJ, J. Smile, McEeph, Dre San, T-Famous, Bamidele Gospel, Astra etc. With his exposure to both worlds, his brand of music is unusual and it is worth watching out for.

Emeka Mars is already working on two other singles for 2019, all follow up to his first album scheduled to be released in the year 2020.

Emeka Mars announces his new single, bringing a whole new vibe into the gospel arena with his long-awaited single, “UNLIMITED”. The song, released April 2019 (His birthday) Reflects on how big God is; In depth, length, size, reasoning, might? He exists outside of space & time, without beginning or end. He is eternal. In one word, God is UNLIMITED!

“UNLIMITED” was recorded at Mustard Breed Studios, Lagos, Nigeria with Engineer Segigo Ajo.

“UNLIMITED” is an Afro Pop Gospel, composed of two verses, a refrain, chorus and a bridge. The song has a driving force that will compel the audience of different age and backgrounds to move their feet.

Emeka Mars has high hopes for the success of his music, noting that it is a balance from the normal gospel and the everyday Afro Pop. One word that describes the song is ‘unlimited’.

Listeners will find it very appealing as it is a fusion of various music genre and more.

Unlimited was released 1st April 2019

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