Interview With Ability Joe

On the 15th of April 2019 I had a lovely chat (Interview) with Ability Joe who is a Gospel Artist from Ondo Nigeria.

Q: Hello Ability Joe, (Joe) Thank you for taking part in this interview. To get started, for anyone who does not know you, who are you? and tell us a little more about yourself?

A: Thank you for the platform, it is a privilege. My name is Onwughalu O. Joseph but i am popularly known as Ability Joe, by the grace of God, God told me to Minister, I’m a part time Software engineer. I am from Nigeria, a Igbo Nigerian.

Q: Yes you have several names you go by, I’ve notice you go by Ability Joe or Joe or Joe Warship. Can you explain to me where those names come from?

A: Well yes I go by many names, but mostly likely the same. Ability Joe is my music name, my friends call me Joe, some call me Ability Joe which happens to be my music name, but I am registered on Social media as Joe Warship. Joe Warship is not really a name it is my social media handles.

Q: Thank you Joe. Can you give us a little insight on how you came to Christ, just a little background about your early days and your walk with God?

A: I have always looked forward to each time I been asked, I encountered Jesus Christ 2014, Its funny because I was born into a Christian home and all my childhood spent going to church right from birth, but it was either forced to go to church or I’m going to church because I just don’t want to shout at me. I wanted to play around with my friends. But then I had an encounter with Jesus Christ in 2014, that was then as a person made a decision, Fine I surrender, here I am, i’m not running no more. In my life since 2014 till 2015/2016 it was challenging, God being God has been there. I found out I’ve been running all this while and life was not easy but since I gave into God fully, I would not say life easy but least I have hope, there is always a better tomorrow.

Q: Amen. It’s good that God brought you to the place where you came to realise you need him. What about your music career, did that start before you became a Christian or after, how did your music career come about?

A: Well I have been into music as long as I can remember, it started from my childhood as a drummer. My Grandmother happens to sing a lot at church. Then 8 or 9 years I started singing actively in my church choir, Even though I was forced to church, I still sang in church I was the only altor singer, so i had to sing more. even then I did not know i was going to do music up until 2013/2014, that was when i actually started started doing music.

Q: So you started your music ministry 2013/2014, how many singles or albums do you have to your name at this time? And which is your favorite?

A: To the glory of God, I have 6 singles and currently working on the 7th. I don’t have a album yet, I am hoping and trusting God, by his time is going to do it. So not this time yet for a album but I am working on it though, so soon by the grace of God. So far my favorite is I testify, because it is a personal song to me as it talks more about myself, what I have been through and how I gotten this far. Its a testimony.

Q: Wow Number 7 is on the way, do you plan to release that this year?

A: Well recordings are going on, like I said I am working on it, so sure if this go as planned then definitely to be out this year.

Q: What other plans do you have for this year? I’ve seen that you have a concert coming up called Unusual Warship, which your organizing, maybe tell us a little about that?

A: Well for this year try as much as I can to get the 7th single out and yes complete the project at hand Unusual Warship. Unusual warship is mostly targeted to the teeming youths and all spiritual minds of the subset of Ondo State. The rates of which youths are found in church is alarming, it’s all due to one thing, our churches are boring. The gospel is not boring but we can be to judgmentally and its effecting everything, it is good to show them, this is it. the gospel is not boring. Unusual Warship is like a reset our minds and Society of Ondo, coming up on the 2nd of June 2019 more than anything I want it to be successful.

Q: Amen with God behind it, it will be a success. You have a lot of ministers, or should I say gospel artists involved in this event too, would you like to share who is going to be apart of this concert and what should the people expect from this concert on the 2nd of June?

A: Yes your right there is a lot of ministers already lined up for this concert about 14 we have about 6 more spare. The good thing is I shared the dream or the vision with them and unusually every ministers has a particular amount or payment to be made before the confirmed events but God being God none of them said pay me, they said it is a good thing, we are coming to support you in this. This is why we have a lot of them. what I to expect is prayers of God of course, everything we are doing is not just coming together to minister to sing and dance but the end of the day it is so the aim of the concert will be achieved, to turn back the heads of the youths.

Q: As we get to an end, it would be good to know how can people get hold of you, like what is your social media handles and how can they reach you to find out more about your music and the concert?

A: I use the same social handle for my Facebook, Instagram and twitter @joewarship

Q: That is great. Just as a last question, what i am going to ask everyone I interview, Tell us one random information/fact about you that maybe nobody knows? (like or dislike… etc)

A: Well one random thing about me, I love food, not just food but good food. yummy food.

Yes I love food too. Thank you so much for your time and hopefully we will talk again soon.