God Yuh Good By Discyple

Discyple, born George St. Alistair Cousins, was born on August 18,1985 in Hayes in the parish of Clarendon,  He attended the Bustamante High School in the same parish.

Discyple started doing music in 2006 after getting saved in The Hayes New Testament Church Of God, being a member of the gospel duo Emblem, they entered a gospel competition at the 2006 New Testament National Youth Congress where they were awarded the silver medal for second place. 

George had been out of church for a while and was unfortunately at the wrong place at the wrong time, was shot 5 time in a shooting incident in Clarendon in 2014, he attests to the fact that he was saved only by the grace of God, decides to give his life back to God and to continue the work the Lord gave him to carry out as a musical minister.

George now as a single minister, decides to call himself Discyple because of the grace and mercies God showed him and accept him as a follower and servant.  Discyple restarted him musical ministry with a song entitled GOD SAVE ME, which is a ministry of the life he live and how the Lord saved him.

God Yuh Good was released 26th of January 2018

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