Different By Presha J

Robert Awuku aka Presha J grew up in the heart of East London: the birthplace of grime music. From a young age, he had a passion for writing music and felt that it should reflect his true emotions. This was also influenced by the hard-hitting sound and lyrics of grime music he grew up listening to.

Throughout his teenage years, he battled with the pressure to conform to the violent gang culture that surrounded him. In 2007, he came face to face with a situation that could’ve cost him his life. Reflecting upon this made him realise he had a greater purpose; he put his negative lifestyle behind him.

Since 2008, Presha J has been drawing inspiration from his faith, his experiences and raw grime music to create real music to encourage, inspire and impact his listeners.

‘Different’ is the first single of 2019 from one of the UK’s exciting Christian Grime/Hip Hop artists.

In the midst of a generation that has willingly chosen to blend in, Presha J makes a passionate proclamation that he is different from the accepted norm. Through his lyricism and flow, Presha J confidently expresses that there is nothing wrong with being distinct from the world’s standards.

Different was released 8th February 2019

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