Prosternés Nous Tadorons By Gaspy Sacré

Gaspy SACRE, I am Congolese from the DRC … currently live in South Africa. He was born on October 11, 1989 …. He started my musical career at age 17 and while he was serving in a local church of the messenger community until today. He has had the recommendation from our Lord to do something for the building of the people of God since 2016 but I realized it in 2018 to an end.

  1. PROSTERNES WE ADDRESS YOU first song it is an experience of my life as a worshiper that I take from God to make my life bow first to God that my talents, thanks, …. the true sacrifice or the true Worship.

2. God Admirable it is an interpreted song that I like so much and it always and Really edified me that I held good to interpret in French.

3. NEAR YOU a pastor marcel Boungou’s song that has always produced miracles while I sang and it’s a story of my travels before receiving the Lord Jesus Christ in my life and even the confirmations of the word of God in my Christian life, and then God convinced me to sing it.

4. JESUS A TOU PAYE: the assurance and the benefits of the work of the cross of our Lord that he paid everything and done for our life there is more to cry, … God gave it to me to sing a very powerful and uplifting song of praise …

5. RISE UP LORD: this is a song that God had inspired me when I had known many problems, fight my life was deadly dead in my family I had lost my parents I had stopped my studies a time of confusion and I was invoking the eternal of venur to my help is beyond that I received this inspiration.

Prosternés Nous Tadorons was released 16th December 2018

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