He’s Coming Soon By Nkredible

Nkredible is a solo artist who’s passionate about his craft. “Jesus changed my life and I want the world to know.

That’s my passion, and it’s why I do gospel”, He says. Nkredible has had the rare opportunity to minister both internationally and locally with world renowned gospel artists like Sinach, Eben, Martin Pk just to mention a few. All his songs will leave you speechless.
When you hear him you’d understand why He’s called Nkredible.

He’s coming soon is a refreshing and inspiring soul ballad music piece that reminds us of the imminence of the second advent of Christ and the responsibilities we have as His children whom He entrusted the message of the gospel here on earth.
The time is short. Let us not pretend that the job is done. The lyrics of this song will leave a strong impression on your heart and inspire you to do more for the Lord.

He’s Coming Soon was released 13th January 2019

You can download your copy on the link below…