Torn (Spoken Word) By Alancha

A vessel postured. Alancha has humbly committed her life to her “yes” on earth. 
Yes; to being a daughter. Yes; to Heaven on Earth. Yes; to being a flame! 
The name Alancha is defined as flame and even as her name implies she seeks to ignite revival to the world through revelation that releases a people.

In 2016, Alancha was ignited in her heart by Holy Spirit and her peers to birth her ministry through spoken word. She seeks after the revelation of God which is the building blocks for her spoken pieces. Since then she recommits her “yes” to whatever means GOD seeks to release revelation through her.


The revelation that nothing can separate us from the love of GOD is a depth of revelation that is profound and should wreck us from every making excuses again. The ripping of the veil wasn’t by passive means nor was it done passively. The invitation beyond the place we were once forbidden to enter, from top to bottom complete access was granted but we’re still choosing to live in a place He wants to own. He wants to make us His home but we’re constantly sending Him through the process of renting the veil.

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