911…Save Me: Deluxe By TB2

Singing at the tender age of 3, TBII or as most know him as Thurman B. Thornton II was born in the city of St. Louis, Mo. has since matured into a strong vessel that God has placed in this world to minister to souls through song. “I come from a musical family…mostly everybody in my family could sing, so I didn’t have a choice in this thing!”

From sunshine bands to singing in groups, TBII always was a part of some musical entity in hopes of one day being on stages worldwide. After several attempts with groups and not really reaching anywhere, he would come to experience hardship like never before that would test his faith in God, his desire to sing and even live.

 TBII suffered great loss in his life with the passing of his brother, his mother and his father from 2009-2011 and because of those deaths it caused him to go into a deep and dark depression. “I was drinking, smoking, cutting, and doing more and more damage to myself every day because of the hurt of losing people I really cared about.” Losing his way, TBII made several suicide attempts and while he didn’t succeed at any of them the effects took their toll on his mind and he had lost the energy to even sing. “I had given up and I told God that if you wanted this to happen then you make it happen,” not realizing the power in his words a song was birthed thru this painful process and TBII began to express his pain and depression thru the only channel that he had left…music.

  TBII wrote and released his first single entitled “More” independently and it gained the attention of indie label New York Connect Entertainment and its CEO Will Young. “Will loved the record and he wanted to redistribute it as well as produce a whole album, and that was the beginning of something epic for me, because I had no idea that this was going to happen.” With a newfound lease on life, He and the label began working on what was to be his debut album, with production from Jay Wash, it seemed everything was working out for TBII or so he thought.

  After 2 years of studio work, in 2013 he released his debut project entitled “The Soul Experience EP” which featured the award-nominated single “The Definition of Love” and the song “I Worship You” and while it received some positive reviews, tensions grew at the label about the direction he wanted to go in. “Their where days that were awesome and then there were days that just were awful and I became so desperate to put an album out that I lost who I was and I became extremely unhappy.” After a string of delays and struggles with the label, nothing else materialized from the project and he and the label parted ways in 2014.

  “I had had enough of this business and I figured I’d just sing at church and get a regular job and live life with my soon to be wife,” but for TBII, God had another plan and was about to blow his mind. In 2015, TBII released 2 singles that would bring him award nominations and more attention.

   The first being ‘Fresh Start!” Written by TBII and produced by Vinnis “The Phenom” Bryant, Fresh Start is a song about starting over in every aspect of life. “God just used this song to remind me that starting over is not so bad when you start over with Him!” After he released the song, he immediately embarked on a year long tour in the U.S. that would prove to be majorly successful as it would give him the opportunity to open up for amazing artists such as Twinkie Clark, Dewayne Woods, Dorinda Clark Coke and share the stage with one of his favorite singers in the world r&b sensation Tweet!!! “God just keeps opening these amazing doors for me and I’m so grateful He didn’t let me quit.” 

   The next single from TBII would be a song that reflected back on the struggle God brought him out of…that song was “Save Me’ featuring A.D. Mills! The powerful song showcased his struggle with depression and suicide and it pushed the envelope visually with a trailer that showed him acting out the habits he dealt with during that period of his life. “I’m not ashamed of my testimony and it’s my job to share my victory with the world and help someone breakthrough like I did!” Both songs gained major radio airplay and multiple award nominations!!!

   TBII decided to take a break and focus on what was important first being his spiritual walk with Christ by dedicated his life to Christ and walking out his assigned purpose in life. The 2nd was securing his church home which is now Blow Your Trumpet Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Prophet Marcus Mickles and CoPastor Madelyn Mickles. And finally, he secured his relationship by marrying his now wife Cassandra on November 15th, 2015!!!! “I married my best friend and I’m so glad that God allowed me this chance to complete one of my greatest accomplishments in my life!”                

After a much needed break, TBII returned to the studio with producer Marion Robinson IV and together they created what is now going to be his first full length project of original material. “We are not playing by anyone’s rules but God and we have created a project with a message of deliverance, healing, love, soul and God all in one!” With God leading him, TBII has returned with new music in 2016 with the new lead single “Fall Into You” which was released on iTunes, Google Play and all digital retail outlets on May 26, 2016!!!! His full length album entitled “911…Save Me!!!” was released in 2017!! “My life is a testimony of life, love, loss, death, hurt, pain, redemption, Revival, healing and deliverance and that message will preach worldwide and as long as God keeps using me for his Glory I will preach it until the end of time!” -TBII

Save Me was released 9th December 2018

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