Soul-Full, Pt. 3 By Jot

J.O.T. aka GRANDE GATO aka JAMES O. TERRY JR. wants to encourage and give both young and old people in the world hope, and let them know that with faith and perseverance the impossible can become possible (J.O.T. knows what he is talking about because he was able to complete a CD album immediately after his Cancer went into remission).

J.O.T. started writing what GOD had done because he held on to his faith (J.O.T. praised GOD even when he thought he was going to die and believed that is why he was healed just as JOB in the bible was healed because JOB praised GOD too when he thought he was might die).  This soon led J.O.T. to write his testimony in the form of song lyrics and put it to music (As he does with all of his trials and tribulations he has overcome through the power of the LORD).  1996 was the year that J.O.T. turned his life over to Christ and decided he wanted that to reflect in his music.

 That same year J.O.T. officially started up his Christian based company, SOUL-FULL PRODUCTIONS (The reason he spelled the company name with a hyphen in the middle and the letter L twice at the end of the name was to let the world know that his “SOUL” was “FULL” because he displayed the WORD OF GOD through what he did.) With three different subsidiary branches to SOUL-FULL PRODUCTIONS (Clothing line, Literature, and Record label branch) J.O.T. always believed it was important not to get comfortable in the ministry and continue to grind and work hard for CHRIST.  As the first artist to come out on his independent record label, J.O.T. RECORDS, J.O.T. put out ten CD albums, four CD singles, and five 12” vinyl records (entitled NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT Presents…volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7).

J.O.T. knows that, through CHRIST, his ministry will encourage people with and without cancer and let them know that focusing on CHRIST will help them with whatever they are going through. J.O.T. knows because he is a living testimony and so he stays SOUL-FULL. GOD BLESS or in SPANISH “DIOS TE BENDIGA”!!!!

Soul-Full, Pt. 3 was released 25th February 2018

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