My First Love (Spoken Word) By Alancha

A vessel postured. Alancha has humbly committed her life to her “yes” on earth.
Yes; to being a daughter. Yes; to Heaven on Earth. Yes; to being a flame!
The name Alancha is defined as flame and even as her name implies she seeks to ignite revival to the world through revelation that releases a people.

In 2016, Alancha was ignited in her heart by Holy Spirit and her peers to birth her ministry through spoken word. She seeks after the revelation of God which is the building blocks for her spoken pieces. Since then she recommits her “yes” to whatever means GOD seeks to release revelation through her.

My First Love

You know that cycle we go through of failing and repenting partially then pre-meditated sin which results in the abuse of grace and the cycle starts all over again? Ever get tired of that round-about? The decisions that leave you feeling dirty and insane because of repeating the last thing you did but somehow expecting the outcome to be different. HIS love is amazing and life changing.

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