I Can’t Hide My Heart By Transparent Terrance

Terrance Robinson, artist name is Transparent Terrance,
because he likes to view things and say things as clear as possible by
being honest and truthful. He is from Alexandria, Louisiana but now living
in Maryland.

He produce, perform, write his own music, and also did his
own music video editing.

Right now he has an album out called I Can’t Hide My Heart, Mostly Gospel Love Songs, for husbands and wives, or for any couple who is thinking seriously about getting married, and also a few praise and worship song in the mix too, he combine singing and rapping.

Basically he hopes his songs help people and give God
glory, but also make some money to help provide for his family, and
people less fortunate .

I Can’t Hide My Heart was released 9th November 2018

You can get your copy on one of the links below…