Newness of Life By Javani Vassell

Javani vassell is from Jamaica but been living in the UK the past 16 years.

He has been in the faith for 8 years. Throughout these years the Holy Spirit has moulded & shaped him bringing out gifts & abilities he didn’t know he had, and music ministry has been one of them. Learning how to play the guitar & sing.

Nweless Of Life is about coming from darkness to light from being alienated & a enemy, to becoming a Son or a daughter of God.

The verses are from a perspective of a believer to a non believer, sharing the gospel.

That all things become new in Christ, & when we accept the free gift of salvation he will give us his Spirit to walk  in love, peace & joy.

Also to encourage the believers to continue to celebrate our eternal life in Christ.

Newness Of Life was released February 8th 2019

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