Be Still By Serena Dalton

Serena Dalton is an independent English singer songwriter from West Sussex, UK.

Having found her voice in church from a young age along with endless hours of playing songs on her parent’s piano, her passion for songwriting grew when she got her first guitar on her 18th birthday.
But it wasn’t until moving to London to pursue other creatives that she shared her material with anyone. Collaborating with other grassroots artists, she gained experience in songwriting and performing and started to work towards her first project.

n 2015 she joined up with Remember the Children to birth her first record, Giant Heart. Turning the ground floor of her parents house into a studio she brought friends and fellow artists in to record for a week. The wide range of musical backgrounds and styles proved to make for an engaging and original first sound.

Merging her passion for music and justice 100% of the proceeds of her first 2 EP’s go towards helping fund the charity’s children’s home in Romania. Taking it on the road in the States gathered her American fan base and raised awareness for the charity. Featuring on Fox 45 and Premier Christian Radio she delivered her songs to the nation.

Following the success of her first EP, Serena released her second in 2016 having developed a bigger, more vibrant sound. She followed it up with a longer tour of the East Coast raising $25k for Remember the Children in child sponsors and album sales.

In 2017 she won her local Battle of the Bands Acoustic Artist prize with her Single – Firefighters which she recorded with the prize. 2018 saw the release of her first Music Video of the track. Now she is kicking off 2019 with her first Single – Be Still.

The purpose of Be still is ‘Letters to anxiety’.

God asked her to write what He would say to anxiety. She had a good friend struggling at the time and have found many more since. Anxiety seems to be the current epidemic. She know His words are the eternal antidote. These are the words that came out during one Sunday afternoon this passed summer. But it’s more than just His words to anxiety, she knew the words because He speaks them to her often, she don’t suffer from anxiety but she has known fear, pain, grief, the unknown. It’s His words that have introduced her to the ‘peace that makes me brave.’ 

Be Still was released 22nd of February 2019

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