Your Eyes By J.Walker (TLD)

Some of his earliest memories involve rushing from primary school to church with his mum in the evenings after school. His greatest contribution to the faith at this point was helping to put out the chairs in rows of 12. They be in church at least four days a week and when he wasn’t to tired to keep his eyes open any longer he learned many lessons and felt God’s presence.

he feels like he has grown up always knowing and having a relationship with God. Not having his father around in his early years meant that there was more room for God and I could hear his voice clearly and uninterrupted. he feels the absence of positivity in his childhood is one of the reasons why God adopted him the way he did and continues to watch over him so closely to this day.

Growing up he went through many different fazes on his winding journey through childhood and teenage years. He never felt forsaken by God however and even on his darkest nights he knew He and His Angels were never too far away. College would however be a turning point as he was baptized and started dealing with meat rather than milk. He became more aware of his responsibilities as Christian and God’s expectations and his plan for him.

It was also at this point that he became aware of Gospel rap. He had been working on music for about 3 years at this point and was rapping as well as producing and mixing. He was making secular music, but largely with a conscious message. As he became older and had more adult experiences there was however a shift in the content. The music reflected the harsh realities he was dealing with and he used the music as a bottle to capture his negative feelings and share them with the world.

Some of his Christian brothers pleaded with him to turn away from secular music and throw away his secular CD’s but he justified his actions as truth, also he didn’t feel called to gospel rap and he definitely didn’t want the responsibility.

As he moved on his Christian walk through life he was however noticing that God and Christianity kept appearing in his music, it even started becoming the whole song and he realized that some of the songs he was making could be quantified as gospel rap.

Getting Signed (Rock Steady Movement)

He started seeking out other artists and signed to the gospel label “Rock Steady Movement” as an artist and producer. He learned a lot during his time there but struggled to adapt to the label’s way of doing things. Finding the right gospel label can be a lot like finding the right church, if you’re not growing there you need to move on. He had however learned a lot from his time there, which was about 6 months and they both went their separate ways without any hard feelings.

He had still been making secular music while on the gospel label and it felt like he had an outlet for all his thoughts, perfect and imperfect. He now has half of what felt like an amazing Hip Hop album complete. He was talking to designers about the album cover and thinking about the running order and what they album was missing to complete it. He was attending Hillsong church at this point and noticed there was an extra large queue outside because of a guest preacher named Rich Wilkerson Jr. The words he spoke would change his life and answer all the questions he had posed to God.

He told the story of Jonah and the Whale from a perspective he had never heard before. Key to his message was that you should have no worries if you’re where God wants you to be and are doing what God wants you to do. The first time Jonah was where God wanted him to be was when he was in the belly of the whale. He said all along if God called him to Gospel he would answer and he was called that day.

The Lion’s Den (2012) 

As a result in 2012 he established the gospel record label (The Lion’s Den).

The Baptism (2013)

The culmination of this was the 2013 album “The Baptism”. It was a compilation album featuring tracks from the artists on the label.

I’m A Christian (2014)

Throughout 2014 he worked on his debut gospel album entitled “I’m A Christian”

Positive (2015)

In 2015 he began working on the mixtape “Positive”.

(The Lion’s Denim) (2016)

After the completion of the Mixtape he officially launched a Christian clothing line called (The Lion’s Denim) which designs and manufactures T-Shirts. A partnership was later established with Christian clothing company JC Threads.

(TLD TV) (2016)

By 2016 he had also established a network of Christian actors and actresses. They began releasing Christian Comedy sketches on YouTube through the web series Christ Vines, which features short comedic Christian centred humour.

Restored –Short Film (2016)

To give back to the Christian community he also began a web series called The FAQS Corner which answers frequently asked questions from Christians. At the same time he became aware of how big an issue domestic violence had become across the planet and that many Christians were also being affected by the issue. he therefore wrote and directed his first short film called ‘Restored’ which directly addresses domestic abuse. The film has been produced in association with Christian Domestic Violence charity ‘Restored.

Best of UK Gospel (2016) 

Continuing the trend of releasing compilation projects after each solo venture he released the Best of UK Gospel album under (The Lion’s Den) label.

#UNITYmovement Gospel Rap Cypher (2016) 

Answering more the call for more UNITY in the Gospel Rap scene he teamed up with Gospel Rapper J-Chief to produce Gospel Rap cyphers weekly. To date they have worked with over 40 rappers in the Christian scene building God’s Kingdom as well as bringing together artists and fans of the genre. The movement has reached as far as Germany with rappers becoming involved with the movement.

The #UNITYmovement EP (2017) 

Hereleased The #UNITYmovement EPalongside fellow rapper J-Chief on free download. The EP was well received achieving 2000 downloads in the first 4 months of release.

Your Eyes

It’s often been said that your eyes are the gate way to your soul. They can reveal our emotions, intentions and often our state of mind.

As in the case of Che Guevara, the look in our eyes may well be the lasting impression we leave on the world long after we’re gone.

The inspiration for the song came from the relationship between J.Walker’s own family where the harsh lesson was learn that there is no guarantee that doing good for someone will result in them doing good towards you.

The track begins with the patois phrasing, “Lord knows, Lord knows, I trust the wrong people, gi’dem good, gi’dem good, them come back wid evil” which captures the mood of the track.

Your Eyes was released 15th November 2018

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