Waging Wars By Christian Metalhead Brotherhood

Andrew Hopper started playing guitar around the age of 13, He was always into classic rock music but when he started playing guitar he got into heavier genres like metal when he discovered there were Christian bands in that genre. 

He grew up in a Christian home, and is a small town country boy except he does not prefer country music. 

 As he got good at playing guitar he started playing in church and became very passionate about sharing his gift as a musician and felt God calling him into music ministry. So he started his own solo project and making his own music from a home studio and building a ministry and community around his music, through videos podcasts, blogs, and music.

Christian progressive symphonic metal, taking the heart of worship the heart of David and worshipping God passionately and aggressively through metal music.

His goal as an artist is to inspire his listeners to pursue whatever they are called to do no matter what the odds of success are or what obstacles might stand in your way. God gives us the strength to stand before giants with boldness and declare that God is greater than the giants before us.

Waging Wars was released 10th of February 2019

You can download your copy on one of the links below…