Come Closer By Femi V

Femi V is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, born and raised in London. The V in his name stands for ‘vessel’, as he believes that he is a container filled with God-given talent. His aim as an artist is to create music that is pure, real and timeless.

He began his musical journey by playing keyboard while learning the guitar in school. He further developed as a musician by teaching himself the bass and other instruments in church.

His ability to pick up chords, harmonies and pitch is thanks to what he calls a blessing; Synaesthesia, enabling the gifted artist to see colours when he hears a musical sound. Femi V has been involved in studio projects for MOBO Awards winner Faith Child, Singer/Songwriter SIDIQ and multi-award winning British Dance/House act Phats & Small, who he has collaborated with to produce the soundtrack for an upcoming kid’s movie, Strike.

He also shared his musical talent by playing for the likes of Spoken Word Artist Nego True, MOBO Awards winner Rachel Kerr, MOBO Awards nominee and JUMP Music Video Awards winner David B and rap group Pryme Kingz, the latter of which has appeared on Xtra Factor, and performed at venues such as The O2 Academy and Wembley Arena. With a strong R&B background, his style adds elements of Soul, Jazz, Funk and Gospel. Striving to give his best, Femi V is learning new things to develop his sound that can not only set the mood, but will allow listeners to feel connected as they experience the music.

Come Closer is a Neo soul, RnB song performed, written, composed, and produced by himself. The song talks about embracing the one’s that love you deeply and care for you no matter what. That could be God, your family, friends, partner or spouse. 

The concept of the song was initially created a few years ago. But as life happened over the years that he was able to take as lessons, he was inspired to rework on the lyrics and they evolved to something that he believe everyone can relate to. 

Nobody is supposed to go through life on their own and everyone needs support from someone. We were all designed to be loved, so we have to accept the love that people want to give us and understand that we cannot push everyone away. Love is everywhere and desires to find a place in our hearts. We just have to be willing to let it. 

Come Closer was released 7th of February 2019

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