Not About Us By Aaron Graham

Aaron Graham was born 1972, in Lisburn Northern Ireland,
Born and raised in Northern Ireland Aaron is a guy with a lot of passion about music His songs are already getting airplay on several radio stations. He loves to rock and serve Jesus. His latest music is new and fresh and inviting.

Aaron is married and has two children. Aaron grew up in Christian home with his dad being the Pastor of his local church.  He always had a passion for singing from an early age. Aaron sang when his dad took services in Churches in Northern Ireland.

An album that will grip you from the start, this is Christian music like nothing else you have heard before. An album that will leave you wanting more. An album that have you praising challenged and changed the lyrics are no holds barred Christian.

Aaron just wants the world to hear more about Jesus through his songs  and is amazed of what God has done so far in his music career. He is very much looking forward to the future.

Climbing  up the chart with the title track Not About Us is a favourite on Righteous Rock Radio.

Not About Us was released 15th of September 2017

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